Fix curling corners?

My house is 9 years old and for the most part, the roof appears to be in perfect condition. However, there are 2 spots on the roof where there are several corners of the shingles curling. Both spots have something in common, a lot of water runs over them.

The first spot is at the bottom of a second story downspout that empties on to the first story roof at the junction between the patio and the garage roofs. All down this “seam” or “valley” (it’s not really a valley though) the shingles are curling at the corners with the worst of it being concentrated near the downspout outlet. In some of the really bad ones, there some loss of the gravelly surface cover as well.

The second spot is on the back side of the garage roof directly below the second story gutter. It is my belief that all the water running down from the second story roof overflows the gutter and lands on the garage roof. This curling is not as bad as the first spot.

I don’t really need a new roof as it is just these two spots. I thought maybe I could buy a couple tubes of roofing cement and glue down the corners. I tried one but it just kept popping back up - I guess the roofing cement doesn’t dry quick enough to hold them down. Is there something else I could use to glue them down?


The water is wearing away the granule surfacing from the shingles, which protects the asphalt and fiberglass mat UV solar radiation. The shingles you are talking about basically have been aged at an accelerated rate, so even though your shingles are 9 years old, those shingles will appear to be much older.

What you need to do is not “glue them down,” but replace them. You don’t need to replace the entire roof, just the affected area. I realize this will make your roof look like it has a patch, which it will, but it is the best way to address the situation without replacing the roof.


Get someone to run the downspout over the roof into the gutter below. Then the water will not run out on to the shingles.

Then replace the shingles with new ones. They already look different form the rest of the roof.

The water will be inside the house soon. If it is not already there.

I vote for replacement in that situation of the whole area that is curling.