Flashing an end wall on a log cabin

I am trying to help restore a 1930s log cabin. I am trying to figure out how to correctly flash around the logs on an end wall to protect the chinking/daubing but also keep the area water tight. Any suggestions? We are thinking of using an enviroshake or cedar shake. Thank you for your help!

Flashing it or siding it???
Metal is used for flashing. What’s with the eviroshake?

If you have a roofed area that needs to be flashed into the wall, use lead.

Yes, sorry. We are roofing the house with either cedar or enviroshake shingles. Enviroshakes are made of a composite material that when installed look similar to cedar. We are going to flash where the roof meets an end wall, but are not sure how to go about it since the end wall surface is irregular with the logs and the chinking/daubing. We want to make sure it is watertight. Thanks!

First off, if you decide to go with Enviroshakes, don’t have any exposed cuts visible to the eye. I did a log home with a Chalet style gable and all the shakes on the rake edge had to be cut on an angle, exposing all the ridges and bumps that are on the underside for strength.

The only part we had that needed step flashing was a 4 sided, 3/12 turret. We bent each individual step flash like a counterflashing. Mind you, due to the low slope and HUGE logs (18" diameter at minimum" we only had to go into 2 logs. And if I remember correctly, there was no chinking/daubing (filler?) between the logs when we did this. The builder cut the grooves for each individual step as we roofed it. lol he wasn’t about to let us cut into his $3000 log. It took about 4 hours to roof this 2 sq turret with all the cutting and such. But well worth it, looks great from the roof, can’t even see it from the ground.

Good luck in your adventure :slight_smile:

Like Tinner said, use lead…

I also think you should use lead in your log cabin; but it is also recommended to advise with residential roofing contractors