Flashing over Bay Window?

My building inspector commented on the flashing between the roof of this bay window and the wall of the house. There is no known interior leaking, but the house is only 1.5 years ago. My questions to the experts…

  1. Is this a reasonable flashing for this area?
  2. If not, what would a proper repair entail?

Thank you for your insights!

All sorts of wrong. Looks like somebody with zero metal roof experience did that.

The roofer that did that to that beautiful stone should be shot.

That should be a copper flashing IMO and it needs to be set in a slot in the stone, a reglet.


The “roofer” was not well versed in flashing OR there was nobody present at the time of laying the stone to install through wall flashing at the brick coursing where the hidden lintel was placed.

The weep hole shown in the pictures indicates a hidden lintel supporting the stone work above it. That is where the wall should have been through wall flashed. In defense of whoever did the “flashing,” it is quite possible that the masonry contractor laid up all of the stone and didn’t stop to let someone experienced in flashing masonry install the TWF.

Of course the rest of the “flashing” is pretty awful. Outside of poor counterflashing, the top right picture indicates no head wall over or closures between the metal roof panels.

I could go on but the train wreck is self evident.

This appears to be new construction and ultimately the builder is responsible for hiring and scheduling good trades. Apparently the builder did not do that.

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