Flashing rake through roof on double gable

I’m an inexperienced roofer with a small gable porch roof that I recently rebuilt and am in the process of roofing. I had no issue with aking and installing step or kickout flashing, but I’m hung up on one, seemingly unique, flashing situation where the main house rake (2x12) passes through the roof just below the ridge.

How would you flash this? The pictures show my initial attempt, but it clearly wasn’t a good solution. I also asked a roofing company for tips and they didn’t have a real good solution either.

Another angle

I hate every bit of it. PS tape to join metal … terrible

The tape is I&W shield and to clarify this wasn’t going to be the finished condition. I was going to slide counter flashing up under the drip edge and over the I&W.

That said…I didn’t like it either…

It’s fine and actually good, most roofers don’t even attempt to do that, excellent job.

The peel & stick is going to be coverd by facia I assume?

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My first thought would be to wrap the fascia with metal from the the area shown up to the ridge, and maybe the rest just for aesthetics, then you could lap the fascia metal over some flashing metal. You could hand break a piece of flashing to nail in instead of doing multiple pieces like that.

Dtris, are you saying to the porch roof ridge (visable in the pictures), or the house ridge? The house ridge is 30 ft away along the rake. My thought was to slide a piece of roll flashing up under the rake drip edge to lap over the lower flashing and peel and stick, but it doesn’t seem like that would protect against water coming down the rake from the ridge? I guess I could apply sealent liberally? Another option I thought of was trying to fold the top edge of the flashing so that it could be hammered into the rake, almost like tuck point? I liked that option, but in practice it didn’t work well with the light gauge flashing.

See if you can get a little sample roll of eternabond, that would be enough to do what needs to be done.

I talked with the foreman for a crew doing roof work on the building I work in and he took me up on the roof to look at a few options and gave me some scrap “termination strip”. The idea is I’d router a dado around the rake fascia, add some quad max sealant in the dado, secure the flashing with screws through the termination strip and flashing so that it sucks into the dado (he mentioned I might need to hammer the flashing into the dado first) and squeezes out sealant, then fill the dado with quad max.

Thoughts on that approach? My only concern is whether the flashing (28 gauge) would be malleable enough to recess into the dado?

The eternabond is an option too, but would it be truly permanent? I generally prefer a “hard” solution over a “soft” solution, but maybe I shouldn’t?