Flashing vent pipes

I have noticed the last several years that in Florida that flashing around vent pipe seam to be no more… I always thought that a vent pipe flashing was under shingle on the upper side and on top the shingles on the down slope side. I had a new roof and I find there is no flashing, just the shingles up tight against the vent pipe and tared. What gives??

Do you have any pictures? It sounds like they may have been installed improperly.


yes I have only one

That is installed to code in Florida and there is a flashing. The lead on the outside is the flashing and the pipe is the white pvc on the inside. That type of install only happens in florida as far as I know.


I don’t understand the thinking on this, is there some sort of wind consideration here???

It would do your head in if you tried to understand why Florida codes are the way they are. There easily could be a long topic about them.

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