Flat job help

hey all out there,can anyone help with this…for a roof that the owner said was done not too long ago, ya right,this is a 60x 90 flat[with 3 sections] ,roof with damage already onto the second floor,[soft plywood… It has a plywood deck,and several plys have been moped on ,with no cap sheet, ,ther are wholes on all of the walls, cracks everywhere also on the walls,all of the drains are scuufers and all where all cloged… So there was plenty of water coming in… Quistion, can a roofer go over something like this [see pics] and aply cap sheet only to keep the costs down or is there already too much weight? As be known and so with a plywood deck,and air pockets all over as well as rips, cracks, and all, how much would a job like that cost ? And I know, going by this is not the way, we have to see it … give it a try anyway , how much pr sq to tear off and use libery peel n stick verses torchen at all…I hope someone can help with this…well maybe you are all at work today,This is the first time in 15 days that i had a chance to even get on the computer, so I guessd thats a good thing being bizzy… i still need to know!!!..thanks how do i get the pics here?perhaps i could email some pics of this job to ???, if the material is around 150 pr sq , repairing not more than 20 sheets of plywood, what are we talking for the tearoff of 6o sq of flat?the existing material is no more than three quaters thick…

I don’t know if I properly deciphered your post, but if I actually understand what you are asking my answer would have to be NO! If there is water damage, holes in walls, deteriorated decking, etc., then you do not just want to cover it up like a cat covers up a turd with sand. That is not the answer.


[quote=“Cerberus”] cover it up like a cat covers up a turd with sand.

that is the best metaphore i have ever heard!!

I got the scoop on the cover it up how about sending pics? and range of pricing for a tear off than torchdow,? does anyone use the liberty 2-3ply peel and stick ? what do you think of it?

tear it off . then peal n stick it or torch it.
you wont burn your house down usin peal n stick.