Flat/low slope roofing

Hey guys I’m pretty new to this site but I help run a shingling company with my father which I plan to take over in the next year. I have very minimal experience on low slope roofing and we get a few calls every year that we simply can’t quote because we don’t touch low slopes. I would love to learn that avenue of the business. I have been doing some research on modified bitumen roofing and the process seems pretty simple but I can’t e sure. Could some tell me all the products involved in this type of roofing? And is this the ideal type of low slope roofing? Also I see sometimes you put down two inch foam is this required? If this isn’t the ideal form of low slope roofing what is? I will invest whatever I need to get the equipment so that isn’t an issue. Thanks in advance guys

Stay away from torch applied modified bit having no exp. w it. Try applying it with cold process adhedsive. You should really learn EPDM Rubber first. Hire an exp. flat mechanic or flat foreman to teach you guys the ropes.

EPDM is your first step, probably the most user friendly low slope product there is. Stay away from Hot or Torch roofs, it will real easy to find a guy with enough knowledge… to burn a place down. It’s really a dieing art that few people in a lot of areas know how to do and do it properly any more.

EPDM is the cheapest to start up with no real special tools needed. Read all the books and guides you can find. Insulation is generally a must but thickness varies depending on project.

Watch your supply houses they will some times put on applicator demos.

thanks guys, ill look into epdm i know my dad has done that a few times just not great at it. Just thought id ask what the best flat roofing would be. Id love to in the future expand and start bidding some commercial flat jobs, but that is a long ways away as i dont even know the product very well yet. Ill stick to shingling for now and just keep researching thanks guys

The best flat roof in my opinion is BUR but these days single plys are takiing over. The best of those I believe is PVC.