Flat Roof Install with Gutters

Getting a new torch down flat roof Monday here in St. Pete, Florida. Fascia boards are 1" x 10" and are about 1" shy of the bottom of the roof, as shown by one of the pics. Drip edge was installed flush against fascia. A few years ago we had gutters installed. Prior to that water would drip down 10" fascia boards and rot it pretty regularly. Drip edge was bent up to get fasteners on. This left some pretty big gaps for critters to get in (and water? I keep gutters clean). I put a few screws in bad areas to close up some of the gaps. Drip edge extends to 2.5" below roof. Back of gutter extends about 3/4" up past the bottom of the drip edge.

What’s the suggestion, for the new roof install as far as the gutter, the drip edge, at that 1" gap goes?


If the roof is getting replaced and the gutter isn’t, I would have them use a bigger metal edge and notch it around the hangers.


A question first,
Besides the 1” gap under the eve metal,
Do you have soffit ventilation?

Yes there are soffit vents underneatth.

Ok, i really dont see the one inch gap under the eve metal being a problem that cant be overcome.
The drip edge is the appropriate size.
and it is appropriate to cut around any gutter fasteners.
Bugs want to go where it is not hot
The gutter looks pretty tight on the bottem against the fascia.
So your goal would be to get the eve metal flush
Against the gutter
And may require extra fasteners through the face as you have already done to achieve it.
That is what i would do.
Or if you must just have perfect peace of mind and do something different
You could roll out a screen in front of it
Before you install the new eve metal.
Or you could install a 1x2. A true 1x2.
Most 1x2 is only 1 1/2.
Not big enough to close the gap and have something to nail to.

Your pic does reveal something that is worse than the issues you think you have.
When you get your new roof, make sure you tell your roofers to NOT cut the modified even with the eve metal.
It is what almost all of them do.
It is what i did early in my career
It looks the best and is water tight for many years.
But when it gets older, it fails right in line with its warranty- 12 years or sooner.
The material shrinks back away from the metal
(And any side seams in the field)and water rots out your decking/fascia.

So to rememedy this, After all underlayment is layed, i make sure the edge metal is sandwiched well between the new material And the material overhangs the eve metal and “rakes” especially at least a half an inch or more.
It doesnt look as nice
But is mechanically superior and can ensure the roof lasting 20-25 years or in definitely with coatings.
Double its warranty.

I am fairly confident that the roof is leaking at the top leading edge where the material has shrunk back from the metal. The seal is completely broken.

what roof lover said, and yes don’t cut at eve on drip edge. its a foresure problem if in wet climates

Thanks for the reply. The 1-inch gap is on the far right of the picture. A 1X2 (1.5) would not have fit.
The roof is on. I think they did a pretty good job.
I’ll send pics later today. Have one gutter problem, where they refastened and water’s going wrong way. A storm let go as they were finishing, which didn’t help matters.