Flat roof installed today, doesn't seem right to me. Can I get some expert opinions?



Terrible job! This roof is EPDM. The details are bad. Application is mostly wrong.

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Don pretty much summed it up. Lots of bad details, too many to list. That roof could be properly done with epdm and term bar, but it would not have been my first choice. Term bar over porus brick with lots of motor joints will be watertight in the short term but over time will be problematic, espically across the soldier course of the window sill.

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You got hosed by a jack-leg crew.

Thanks for the input guys. Had a different roofing company come and check it out and said it is all wrong! I appreciate all the help, going to contact the company in the morning with my concerns

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There are no flashing details installed. Two main components of a low slope roof surface. The field of roof and the flashings. I am not an EPDM roofer. However, the gield of the roof should be terminated and mechanically fastened at penetrations, walls, leading edges. Penetrations and leading edges should get a compression type seal using metal details or specific EPDM flashings. The walls should have the field turned up a couple inches (not sure of specific height). A seperate EPDM flashing sheet should then be installed extending onto the field of roof 6" min and mechanically fastened along top edge.

I see this all the time. If you want a flat roof put on you need someone who knows how to install them. Whoever did this has no idea how to properly install flat roofs. No perimeter fastening, no seam tape used or it is installed behind the lap, very poorly glued, corners and all penetrations flashed incorrectly, the coping should have never been re-used, term bar likely doesn’t have butyl sealant behind it, and probably more that I can’t see from the pics.

If this is for a commercial building you should always ask for a NDL warranty which requires a manufacturer’s inspection. This makes sure you get a minimum of quality. These warranties are not available for residences though.