Flat roof insulation

I’m planning on redoing my flat roof in then ext few weeks. I was curious on what options for insulation do I have? Currently I have a an open beam/ceiling situation inside the house and going to drop about 6’ inches in between beams to keep the height on my ceiling as high as possible. I between my ceiling and the roofing material I have about 6-8 inches of roof sheeting, I’m not sure if it has insulation, most likely it doesn’t. So my options are:

Option 1 - install something moderate on the roof and also in my ceiling which will allow me to put something as high as 6’

Option 2 - install something that gives you really good protection in the roof and not worry about installing anything inside my ceiling

Option 3 - install Rigit 3’ inside the ceiling and not install anything in the roof.

I personally like the idea of having something on the roof as it will protect the roof sheeting as well (so I won’t have much of contraction/expansion and not noise) but the problem is installing insulation on the roof itself requires about $3000 worth of plywood to go over insulation.

My roof is 3400 sqf.


6’ in between your ceiling?

What are you talking about?? You lost me.

Gotta be 2x6 rafters…

ISO board comes in different R-factors and thicknesses, this a is topped with a layer of perlite or fiberboard with hot asphalt, then you can install a built up roof over all this. This application is used over metal or wood decks and attached with screws and metal caps or mopped to the deck with asphalt. You will need a professional for this type of application.

Why not install a seamless insulating Spray Polyurethane Foam roofing system? Solves all of your problems.

Yes, I believe it is 2x6. Is this the right product for the roof insulation?

firestonebpco.com/roofing/in … n/tapered/

I have applied ultimate linings polyurethane foam for insulation.I used high R-value spray foam for better insulation choose best polyurethane foam according to weather of you city.

If you are going to redo or replace your flat roof on your home then the Firestone Product Tapered ISO 95+ is the best way to go. we use this from time to time when homeowners wish to have the extra insulation.

I can tell you it is the best product out there but it is worthwhile looking into the next time you replace the Flat Roof on your home.