Flat Roof Put on Backwards?


I hired some roofers to replace my flat roof. Among other things, they put holes in my ceiling in my bedroom and bathroom because their feet came through the ceiling when they were walking on the roof and the tarp they placed on my roof prior to them completing it caused the roof to cave in after substantial amounts of rain ( I also contacted them and informed them to come and check it before it caved in) In any event, my insurance company sent someone out to look at all the damage caused when the roof caved in and informed me that the roof had been put on backwards! I guess my question is is that a problem? Will I have any serious problems because it is on backwards? Of course I have no clue. I figure if it is flat then it should not make a difference, right? Forgive my ignorance, but this is not an area I know anything about. Would this be considered a substantial defect? If I have to, I guess I will hire someone to fix it. I definitely would not want the previous contractors to come back and mess me up even more, while they try to fix it. I guess I should have dug deeper before I hired them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

It is a negligent act that your insurance will not cover if they know what transpired, nor the “contractor’s” insurance.

Find a real roofng company.

I’m assuming by backwards, you mean the started at the high point and worked their way to the low point. This means you have backwater laps, and that is not good. If a roofer were to pull that on one of my jobs, I would reject the roof and have them install new roofing membrane.

Can you post some pics? It would help us understand what the real problem might be.

Please also let us know where you are located; chances are one of us might be able to assist you in person.

Out of curiosity, where did these ‘roofers’ come to you from? Were they reccomended, are they general handyman types with a sign on their vehicle, did they have a card posted on a bulletin board somewhere? The main reason I ask (& I’m sure a lot of others are curious to know) is how you came in contact with them & what drove your decision to use them for repairs.

Photos are definitely a reccomended item. If you don’t know how to post them, please let us know (FYI, it’s discussed on a couple of the other threads). :?:

thank you ranchhandroofing.


Thanks for all the responses.

I am located in VA. I found the roofers in the phone book. They said they had 25 years experience, were members with the BBB and I got copies of their licenses etc…

I don’t have pics of the roof itself, but I have some of the internal damage. My house is 3 levels and there is damage on all three. I am going to have to replace all of the carpeting, the tiles are buckling and so are the walls all the way to the 3rd level. The first floor steps the insulation is visible and hanging down. I had to jimmy rig it so it was not blocking the stair way. There is also mildew growing.

I am going to post the pics I have as soon as I figure out how!


Aaron B,

Why wouldn’t their insurance company cover their negligence? Isn’t that partially what their insurance is for?

thiers will ,yours wont.call your town and get his info now!!!license number,and his insurance carriers name it should be registered with his license app,



most GL insurance policies do not cover issues if they did not do everything in their power to get the roof watertight before the end of the workday. Tarping a flat roof (or any roof for that matter) does not constitute doing everything in theor power… Products completed, and defects might be covered, but not solely tarping the roof.

Roofboss, can you check into your GL for me on this matter? Are you guys covered in the big union self-insured conglomerate deal thingy?