Flat Roof repair with epoxies

I’m a rehaber and remodeler, not a roofer. However I’ve got two good roofers that I work with, neither famiiar with epoxies or the hi tech coatings for flat roofs.

What are the good epoxy (or similar) that can be applied to a flat roof to repair and fix more permanently. I currently have a tar and gravel roof and a flat roof with rolled material, both leak and are a constant headache.

I’ve looked at the following products that look interesting:
What are the good and bads, anyone use these? And are there other better products that can be “painted” or “poured” on. Will these fill the cracks, tar and gravel by applying over it, or do I need to remove the tar and gravel?



We will use a couple different Karnak coatings if someone is trying to get a couple more years out of a flat roof. But any coating is crap IMO and just a quick fix. Your base is still your base and pouring crap over crap is still crap. It’s like auto body work… Sure you can bond-o and paint right over rust and it looks great…for awhile. You want to do it right? Full rip and full install, no exceptions. When your core is rotten you have to replace the core.

I agree with tar monkey, mostly.

Some higher endd coatings can be a good fit for many, but not a tar and gravel roof.

It really depends on the condition of the roof. If you could post some pics of the bad areas,


It really depends on the condition of the roof. If you could post some pics of the bad areas,[/quote]

Don’t have any pix of the damage you can see, but it’s a typical tar and gravel roof. 2x6, covered with plywood, looks like 5/8ths then the felt, and tar and gravel. There’s a few areas when the plywood has rotten thru and holes a foot or two in dia. That’s been temporarily patched with plywood and the roof is covered with a tarp.

The roof is 18 x 40 and is adjacent to a truss roof that has a 4/12 pitch.

Here’s some pix.

Rip it, replace any bad wood and do a 3 ply torch. If there is ponding water use tapered ISO to give it some pitch and you’ll be a happy man. That roof is a breeze to torch.

Thanks Tar,
I’m limited on pitch because of the tie in to the existing roof. What is tapered ISO?
What like of life can 3 ply torch give?

Thx again.

Ok, a 3-ply torch system has around a 20yr life if I’m not mistaken. Tapered ISO is just a pre-tapered insulation board that can be used to quickly give a low slope roof some added pitch. We are all in the habit of calling low sloped roofs “flat” but truth is that no roof should ever be completely flat. If yo uhave any ponding water then ISO board is a nice quick solution in most cases.

Firestone ISO link is here for more info:

firestonebpco.com/roofing/in … n/tapered/

Firestone will NOT warranty a residential application at this time. Any warranty will be through your installer.

Go with a nice rubber roof "EPDM"over iso board. you can get rolls 10,12,16,or 20’ wide so you have minimum or no seams. A good crew would have that done by 11 oclock.


TEAR THEM OFF !!! oh the humanity!!!