Flat roof tar paper sealing

I have a 30 by 50 flat roof Garage on a property that I inherited.

The garage was not taken care of very well and is very dilapidated. The roof had to be taken off which I did and as it sits it is plywood with tar paper on top.

I would like to just seal the tar paper or put something else down so that I just keep the rain out of the garage. I do not want to put a regular roof on there at this time because next year I’m going to build another garage. So I really just want to be able to keep the rain out until I can demolish it and build another one.

The problem that I had with the tar paper is that I could not seal the edges and the water worked its way back under there. Some of the tar paper has come up so I will have to lay some more down. The main problem is being able to seal where they overlap.

Any simple ideas? I wish there was something I could just mop over the plywood to seal it. And also I am working basically by myself. I have things that I’m working on in the garage that I do need to be sheltered until next year.

A heavy dudy tarp would probably be your best bet provided you can get one big enough to wrap down all four sides.

I did try that, but it was very hard for me to handle that tarp and the block walls ended up cutting it and it leaked and it was just very difficult for me to work with that. Maybe I should find a heavier Duty tarp and try to fabricate something to make it like an a roof so that the tarp will lay better.

I even considered laying a very very thin layer of actual driveway asphalt (hot) but I would be pretty sure that’s still going to be too heavy. The beams are also very warped.

Rain and ice shield would be your best bet and wouldn’t cost much more than a decent tarp.

Where do I find a product like that?

And I’m also wondering maybe I could just buy some saw horses and nail some two-by-fours together for the length of it and it would lay a lot better if I bought a tarp

Any roofing supply, or home depot. Will be cheaper at supply house. It is self adhesive underlayment, if it is warm out and roll the seams with a Small roller so thet seam good.