Flat roof troubles

I have a 35x35 flat roof in PA ,that currently has modified roofing on it .in bad shape.
My question is should i put epdm rubber down, or duralast vinyl down.Any good and bad info about either would be great !!


I like both modified torch applied and EPDM systems depending… I’ve never used Duralast.

where can I buy the rubber roofing ,the local home centers dont carry it ,nor does Lowes?

EPDM isn’t for ‘do it yourselfers’. You’ll need to talk to your local contractor supply house for either rubber or torch applied mod.

call a roofer!!!

nono roofboss you did it wrong … is like this :

[size=200]CALL A ROOFER !!![/size]

You may want to consider TPO instead of EPDM.

You may want to consider PVC instead of TPO.


Duralast provides a class to make u a certified installer. I have a friend that got paid by the hour to take it by his boss.

flat roofs are not to be takin litely.
i would advise tryin to get someone to fix your
the material just dont were out.
it probably needs to be resealed somewhere.


weres all the florida posters at.
roofin.com just aint showin the love the
to gweedo.


How do you know the other roof is shot?

oops sorry Q

Gweedo, I managed to escape from Flori-Duh 12+ years ago… does that count? I still have my old Florida driver’s license (kept it so I could get an in-state fishing license, but that trick doesn’t work any longer).

BTW, is this roof “really” flat or merely flat appearing? Does it have a little bit of a slope or does it puddle or pond anywhere?

hey thanks all

the roof has a slite taper from the middle of the roof (chimney in the center of roof)
anyway,i talked to a guy that said i could put 1/2 inch -1 inch blue foam board down on the modified roofing ,then put .45 epdm rubber down with all the sealants and termanation bar and everything that i would need for aboat $1200.
Is this the correct way to go.

Or someone mentioned reheating the modified roofing,i dont know much aboat that ???


I am not 100% sure but I think that the glue for the epdm will eat the blue foam board. I would use 1/2 inch isulation fiber board mechanically attatched with plates and screws and then epdm on top of that.


Yes the bonding adhesive will eat blueboard.
Use 1\2" wood fiber with 3" plates and screws, and get .60 mil epdm, not that crap .45 mil.
The price difference is small and the quality difference is huge…
Probably should be professionally installed for best results…



Damn , Im not going to call a roofer.Ive been a general contractor for a good part of my life, along with being the local chimney sweep for the last 9 or so years., a roof is a place where i am very comforatable !!
I bought a house to flip and have never taken on a flat roof before. Trying to save a few bucks(like we all like too do)And maybe gain a little knowledge on flat roofs i just figured i would try and get a few pointers before I take it on.If it doesnt turn out ,fine ,Ill have someone do it ,but
I never got a real kick out of paying someone to work on my house when I am self employed myself!!

So ,any pointers ,or pros an cons on going rubber over modified roofing vs. tear off and start new would be great. thanks

if you do go rubber (epdm) over modified…use a new substrate in between. im not saying its right…im just saying…::waits for the beatings to begin::