Flat Roof-which system is best

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I live in western Colorado-LOTS of hot hot sun, very little rain, but when it comes, it COMES. I recently bought a house with an addition that has a 1":24" pitch and a badly leaking rolled-asphalt roof that needs to be replaced. So far, I’ve got two bids, one for a TPO roof and one for an app. modified bitumen roof. The mod. bit. is approx. 2.5x more expensive, but that’s not that big of a deal. I want quality. What is the best choice for materials in my case?

BTW-I’m considering a lawsuit here, because the previous owner listed on his inspection form a “1 year old asphalt rolled roof with no leaks” and I have been told by multiple contractors that this is definitely not 1 year old. I was told it was a “fiberglass cap sheet”, but I don’t know what that really means.

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As a consultant I’m not very hot on TPO because there are no long lived formulations that I know of and there have been a number of problems with that material. If you want quality and a reflective material, I would look at a good quality PVC such as Sarnafil or Fibertite. Just make sure you don’t have a lot of traffic on the roof.

ive been installing tpo for 6 yrs with no problems.


Just be careful. If you really want quality, 6 years is not much time on a commercial roof. It’s possible there is a TPO formulation out there that’s lasted all the way through it’s warranty period, I’m just not aware of it. Remember a quality roof could last you for 30 years.

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what i like to see happen, is a roof product used that is popular
in your indivuall comunity, because they are usaully proven winners there.
thats why everybody uses them.

alot of materials are better i one climate and worse in another.
so just get some good advise from a roofing materials distributer on what
is used the most by local contractors, and youll probably be allrite with that product.

i cant remember if there are any coloradions here that can help.
good luck.


Thanks for the advice, everyone-

gweedo-Grand Junction here…Montrose is nice, she’s lucky to live in such a nice place. I’d like to get down there more often, I think the San Juans and West Elk mtns are some of the most beautiful in the world.

scrutinize installers more than the systems they install!

I, too, have wondered about the longevity of TPO. How long have they been out, and have they fixed the initial problems with loss of millage?

We wont know for 3-5 more years

glad we could be of help cdehmel.

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Weird coincidence…I’m originally from St. Pete Fla…went to high school at Dixie Hollins. I guess we’ve got connections.

Thanks again for all your advice, boardmates. I think we’re going to go with the mod. bit. roof.


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youll be happy with a torchdown mod.
make shure you stay around after they are done torchin,
to make shure no ambers stray.
just keep an eye on it for an hour or so.
u can even ask the roofer to stick around for a little while also.
he/she wont have a problem with that.

good luck.