Flat roof

hello i have a flat roof on the side of my house which i need to replace it has started leaking i have done jobs like this before but would like a little info if any one can help i will be putting new timber down as this is rotten and i shall be using the felt which you heat up and roll out. if possible could some one just run threw the stages please and give me any do’s and donts or do you know of any dvds thank you

Why would you have a roof on the side of your house? Shouldn’t it be on top of the house? :mrgreen:

Torch-applying a mod. bit. roof is not something that one can easily be taught in an internet post. Anyway, my two pieces of advice. Fasten a base sheet down first with metal cap-nails. Make sure you have a working fire extinguisher close at hand.


you want a crash course from an internet forum on how to apply torch down?