Flat so

how much a sq are comps getting for 50sq of flat work? tear off and 2 ply system plywood deck, replacing 10 sheets ] help? how do we post the pics

what type of two-ply system?hot?modified bitumen?what type of plywood?3ply? 4 ply? particle board?and how thick?

as far as what type , the liberty two or three ply system ,versesamopedon two ply with cap sheet,or just torchdown, what are the price ranges oh,4ply plywood deck,epdm? I am wondering about the peel and stick…


Your questions are so vague. Then you try to anwser and make it vaguer.

how about what companys pay there help ? south jersey , pa area,still can someone explain how to up load pics?that would explain alot…and about the vagueness, sorry you should try talkin in person too me lol, still I have not got even a hint of how much co. charge to do flat work, one more time, All i know is what is on this roof is a plywood deck, not particalboard! is particalboard plywood? And whoever roofed this place before, used base, and prob 3 ply hot with no cap…I was trying to find out how much companys charge to tear it off and as far as puting on a roof, I know it depends on what system! thats why i said libery ,I know its around 125 pr sq just to buy it…sorry all,