Flat terracotta roof tiles.. need to know value

I have about 500 salvage of what appears to be flat Ludowici about 13 3/4 * 8 1/4 * 3/4 in. flat clay roofing tiles. Plus some rake pieces (2 right about 14 left)if someone could please tell me the value of these tiles it would be appreciated. the home was built in 1950 that these came off of. here are some pics…

The imprint is a mirror impression the says Ludowici-Celadon Chicago

Sorry for all the pics but any help is appreciated.
You can email me at post_roofing@neo.rr.com

so…do we get a cut of this when you sell them on ebay?


Contact one of the salvage tile dealers.

When they sell them for you. You ship them to the buyer.

I beed tree fiddy! Yaaaaar…

These are ludowici lightwieght interlocking weathered brown. there is 184 pieces per sq. and i have about 600 pieces give or take 3.25 sq. if someone local wants them just let me know and make an offer the slavage yard wants $450.00 per Sq i also have the some rake pieces.

I have installed these before. we have some in our boneyard as well. There are companies out there that speacialize in buying and selling salvaged slate and tile. you can try durable slate company for one.


I just seen some for sale for 340 a sq. Problem you have is you dont have enough to do anything really. It will be very hard to sell.

I’m just looking to get rid of these, there are a few cities around cleveland that have a lot of these, i was hoping to find a local guy that needed them for repairs.
the problem is i should have saved the whole 50 sq roof.
Well maybe i’ll learn for next time.
thanks for the salvage co. name and who sells them for $340.00 a Sq. the small shingle style i found for $350.00 but the discontinued interlocking lightwieghts the cheapest i found was $450.00 and he is a few states over, if you can let me know, i get other repairs of different tiles and i need someone i can buy from the guy in columbus is really expensive.

Never ever throw away slate or roofing tile. you sure wouldnt throw copper away.$$