Flatroof modified bitumen

I had a contractor rework on my flat roof recently, they put this product on my roof outter most layer.

When I look at the spec:

“It is suitable for most low sloped roof decks and may be used for roof system flashings including wall treatments, based flashings and field flashings.”

Is that mean it is just an underlayment and not suppose to directly expose to the weather?

It is the final
It has a 12 warranty.
But for the product to last a longer time
It would be good to aluminum roof coat it.
It will keep your house cooler and prolong the life of the product.
Certainteed torch down is still the best as far as i know.

Sine they replaced the roof, there is water spot show up on multiple places. When i look at the spec, they recommend the STA cap sheet to go with the coating :

Flintlastic STA
with FlintCoat

Is that mean they are missing a coating?

The coating is optional.

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They are recommending the coating.
I am recommending the coating.
But no, the product can still last its warranted life without the coating.
The product just wont last as long as it could
With the coating.

I always believed the smooth was a better product than the granulated.
I just got sick and tired of convincing the homeowner to keep painting their own roofs after i installed the first coating.(2 coats)
So now i only install granulated torch.


Thank you for your reply.

Thank you for the information. Can you guys spot any error on this work?

He put a patch after his installation.
He felt he burned the seam right there too hot or not enough on that area.
So he added reinforcement to it.

Please dont take it the wrong way.
Please dont think, my new roof was “patched”
I was wronged.
No, actually it showed he cared.