Flatten/remove underlayment staples before re-roofing

Hello, I’m the customer on an almost completed re-roofing job. My understanding is that one should hammer down or remove the old staples from the old underlayment. They looked at me like I was crazy when I asked about that. Seems like those will damage the shingles from underneath. I just wanted to hear what the common practice is. Owens Corning’s warranty info mentions removing all protrusion and debris. Seems like staples would qualify as both of those.

It depends on how proud the staples are, it would be unreasonable to require removal of set staples.

ATM your roofer is trying to figure out just how much of a PITA this customer may turn out to be…


I wasn’t actually thinking that set staples would be removed. I did mention hammered flat, that’s pretty easy. Staples are getting close to a 1/4" proud that I saw.

1/4" proud would be excessive IMO and should be removed or pounded flat.

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