Flip Clean gutters

Started a roof today for a guy who has these things. I thought nothing of it, but I discovered by accident today that with the overhang I have allowed on the shingles (1.5 inches) I am in the way of his gutter operation. i will probably have to cut them back to 3/4" to clear the gutter. Aesthetics will not be an issue, never see it from the ground. I am a little leary of water wicking back into his soffit, or atleast behind the gutter. I thought of adding DE but that will just pin the gutter to the fascia, unless it is a very short DE.

Anyone come across this before and/or have any other ideas?

3-tabs or arch’s ?

arcs. 9 pitch roof

2 ways, short drip with almost no lip, pop a chalk line along the perimeter of entire roof.(gutterlines)
Use a new hook blade and trim to desired overhang.(replace blade before becoming dull)The new sharp hook blade will assist you in keeping a nice clean cut.,the other is pop line and trim to needed overhang and hope for the best.,obviously a lower slope would hide the mistake but a steep slope will show any gouges,miss cuts,choppy cuts etc.I would do the first option.Hope it helps Lol

I haven’t ever seen a flip clean gutter before.
I would love to see one.

Thats it. And they really do work that easily. As long as you don’t have shingles in the way. :smiley:


Never seen those before :shock:

How does it work with the downspout?

I was wondering about corners as well…

I am sure they have that all figured out. But it is very interesting.

Lloyd ironed those DS issues out early on. I believe inside corners had a diverter built into the valleys.
They do work good.

The downspout just pulls out. The top of the downspout has to be fastened to the house right near the top, and the piece inside the gutter lifts out of the downsout and falls right back in. I was also wondering about corners. House is all gables.