Florida License


We are looking to do a commercial roof in Florida. Does anyone have experience in obtaining a License to install commercial roofing in Florida? I know we go through the Florida Depart of Business and pro Regulation. My real question is how much effort or work is it to obtain a license. We are financially solid and experienced company. We have a long term client with a property that needs a new roof and they would like us to do it.
Is it legal to broker a license from an already licensed contractor? if so this may be a good option to avoid the hassle of obtaining the license for 1 job. It possible does anyone know the average cost or fee? I figured it probably goes by job cost amount or per square foot

Thank you in advance

If you want to obtain a florida state roofing license,
You have to get about $1500 in books/supplies
Pay and attend school- another grand or more
Study your butt off and be intelligent.
Pass the test and get past the committee who checks you out financially and criminally.
Have at least a thousand dollars in your buisness account.
Also workmanscomp insurance will need to be active before you are allowed to pull a permit.
Also another florida state contractor to
Vouch for you saying they know of your experiance of at least 4 years which could be a significant fee in itself.
Some even will want some type of partnership or long term financial agreement for it.

Personally, i wouldnt let anyone use my license.
Too many potential problems with just permitting, workmans comp enforcement and osha.
But there are roofers out there close to going out of business that will be happy to take the risk and pull a permit for you.

If i did such a thing, i would require all the men to be on MY pay roll so that i could assure that workmansomp is paid.
I also would be on the job all day, for every day.
I would charge an amount that wouldnt make you too happy. Lol
By the square?? Hahaha
No, by the day…

Maybe I should have started with this, I am currently a fairly successful and well respected contractor in my home area. I am debt free, I do not borrow money to fund my jobs, I am licensed with 2 A line single ply flat roof manufacturer’s and 2 or 3 more B line manufacturers. Also licensed with 3 shingle manufacturers. We install 15-25 year NDL manufacturer warranty jobs on a regular basis. We are in great standing with 2 main suppliers in our area, One of which has branches in Florida. We have current liability and workers comp in our state. I have no concern of being able to a pass the test whether it be roofing procedure, business, ethics, professionalism, etc. Background and financial stability is no problem for me either. It is just a matter of it is worth my time and effort to do it. I would really rather not go through the hassle if need not be.
Our state does not require state licensing, we just have to register with local or county building departments. Which they don’t not require licensing or exams. At most they require a small bond.
I already have a PO with my long term customer to do the job in Florida. They are awaiting for me to sign it and send it back. It is a 20 year manufacturer NDL warranty from the manufacturer of my choice for a 70,000 square foot roof. It is hard to pass that up when they dangle it in front of you. This is a customer that I have done a lot of work for over the years. They own properties in several states and would prefer us to do this job for them as well as more in the future in that area.

It sounds like you totally have your act together!
I love it when i hear a roofer say he is debt free!
I would contact roofers that are within 20 min
Of the projected jobsite and pitch
It to them.
I would Call the local building dept in that county
To see if there is anything i could do.
I would call the local roofing supplier for sure
They would be willing to try to help you with a good contact if they think they can supply such a large job.

We have a Florida license. It was a pia to get. We are from Mississippi. We used the new Veteran program to obtain it. It allowed my partner to reciprocate his license from here. Only veterans are allowed to do this. It was a slow process
Send an email with your contact info, be glad to speak with you about your job.