Florida room leaks through seams, how can I fix it?

We have a seasonal park model trailer that has an attached Silver Top Florida room on it. I believe the roof on the Florida room is aluminum and it comes in panels that snap together. It was installed in 2014. Just recently when we get very heavy, wind driven rain it leaks slightly in the seams where the panels come together. I have been up on the roof an when they installed it, it looks like they put a bead of some sort of caulking in the seams. In the summer this gets lots of sun and the caulking looks cracked. So is my best bet just to scrape out all of the old caulk and put in a new bead? If so, what type of caulk is best for a roof like this, 100% silicon or something else?

Another person I talked to said the people installing the Florida Rooms now are using Flex Seal tape to seal the seams on top. I was a bit leary to even try this.


Use MFM Peal & Seal 250 PowerBond. It was designed for that use and is often sent with metal panel systems as you have.


Don’s got it. Don’t use silicone.

Thanks a lot for getting back to me. This is great. So I read through their website. It said just need to clean the area first with Acetone. Would you also recommend that I scrap out the old caulking out of the seams when they installed the Floriday Room. I with they had used this stuff in the first place!!


The objective is to remove any old caulk and adhere to the roof only. If you put new caulk over the failing caulk, you haven’t solved the problem or sealed the roof. You can bridge over some of the old sealant and encapsulate it if absolutely necessary.

Ok. Got it. I will try and get out as much as I can of the old caulk before applying this. Thanks for your help.

So I ordered the tape and have it. But just waiting for a stretch with no damn rain in the forecast. I did take a look on the roof. Here is what they actually did. There are what I will call 2 “horizontal” seams that run the whole length of the Florida room. One down by the gutters and the other where the florida room meets the trailer. Then there are what I will call 8 “vertical” seams. These are the seams where the roof panels connect. They did actually tape the one “horizontal” seam where the roof meets the trailer. I have no idea what type of tape they used, whether flex seal, etc. So should I try and get that tape up and use the tape you have suggested? Or is it Ok to go over the existing tape? I have a feeling it will be pretty hard to get the existing tape up? Any thought?


We have these in Michigan, why I don’t know…

To fix these I loose lay 1" ISO and install 0.60 EPDM.

I one instance I had condensation from the old drip edge bringing cold into the conditioned space.

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