Florida sales commision rate

I’m curious what a Florida salesman should make. In particular a million dollar a year residential salesman. Close rate on qualified leads over 50%, never the low bidder. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

BTW, I supply laptop, printer, dig. camera, cell phone

Company supplies van, fuel, ladder, tape, and leads, paper and printer ink.

No salesman here at all, how bout S.E. US?

i do my own sales…but every company will be different. depends how bad they need you.

Here in Texas, a ‘good’ sales person will get 40 - 42% of the profit (net) + pay back about 2% gross for office work.

Any co. that pays a % (usually 7 - 8.5) on total sale price is stoo-pid.

JamesFL, our firm in SE Florida pays 8-10% of the total sale. We have tried other compensation formulas but 8-10% works out the best for everyone involved. Our average ticket down here is $26,000. If you can sell 5-6 jobs a week you will be making some real $$$.