as far as i know according to the new law, on the older houses if you need to do a reroof you may have to renail the deck,install peel& stick underlayment instead of #15or#30 felt OR cover all joints of the deck with peel& stick tape roll and install the felt #15 or #30 on top of it. the other part of the law says the trusses need to be braced. My question is: If the roofer pulls the permit, is the roofer responsible for making sure the house is braced?? I need help on this topic is any body out there familiar with this new law. thanks. :expressionless:

Call the building dept. that is responsible for the town/parish that your job is located in and ask them.

HEY, TAR they never answer the phone and I’m tired of leaving messages :x

You have a vehicle right?..

Not to be a wiseass man but they are the only ones who can correctly answer your questions. You need to do what is needed to get in touch with them.

Why would the roofer not pull the permit? As of 10/1/07 deck re-nailing will require an inspection or an affidavits from the qualifier to the building dept. The secondary water barrier code has 2 options. Cover all joints in the decking with a minimum 4 inch wide strip of peel & stick, then use your approved underlayment(except Dade & Broward). Second option: Cover your 30# after your tin tab inspection with approved peel & stick or an approved cap sheet with a hot mop application (Dade & Broward). If the house is older than 1994 the roof requires a bracing inspection that comply with the new hurricane high velocity codes. Almost none are up to code. You have 2 options here.Option 1.Install approved bracing. The bracing costs can’t exceed 15% of the cost to reroof. For example if the reroof cost is $20,000 the cost of the bracing doesn’t have to exceed $3,000. Option 2. Pay an engineer a fee(usually $250-$350) to write a compliance affidavits to the building dept.Option 2 is the easiest.

TAR-- ofcourse I have a vehicle. Every time I need some info from the building dept. I get it through the phone or fax.I wouldn’t mind going in there if I live close to it, but I live about 45 minutes from there and I just don’t want to drive all the way to the city just to find out that the person I want to talk is out of the office. they suppose to return those phone calls that’s why they are getting paid good money through ourtaxes. I was bored so I thought I could put the question in to the forum for the experts to answer. anyhow thanks for your input. 8)

Mr. president.many home owners don’t mind in fact they ask me if they can pull the permit and I show them how to do it. They say they want to learn just in case they need to do their roof by themselves in the future. Also, I heard only gable ends need to be braced and that part of the new law is not in effect until the end of this year. What do you know about that??

In Dade and Broward counties the permitting is so complex that many hire an outside firm to complete the paper work. Some permitting packages are 2 inches thick.
I just made mention of the roofer getting the permit because of the owner-builder way of getting a permit is normally done for a for two reasons reasons. No license and or no insurance. I have never had a homeowner request getting the permit any way it would be much to complicated and time consuming for them. Thats why they hire a contractor.Besides the work done still has to pass inspection. As of 10/1/07 all building departments in Dade and Broward counties roof to wall connection inspections have been required on a structure with an insured value of $300,000 or more or a building located in a wind-borne debris region.Where are you located?

Mr. president: You live all the way to the south of florida you get winds over there in the 140 mi.++ that’s one of the reasons why the permits are so complex. I live in duval county north east florida, permitting here is not so complex. I don’t know what’s going on where you live as far as new construction. In duval county went down about 35%.However,because people can’t sell their houses as fast as two years ago, they are doing lots of renovations and major additions to attract potential buyers;Also, many home owners like myself are in really tight budget,therefore, some home owners want to do these additions by themselves with little or no help from the contractors including permits.

New Construction and the housing market are way way down down here. I know some areas of Florida are are more relaxed in terms of code enforcement. I was under the impression that hurricane mitigation codes were being enforced in all counties but I only have experience in Palm Beach, Dade and Broward Co. I know that the laws were passed in 10/07. Perhaps they are not being enforced in your area. I would continue to try to make contact with your building dept. or place a call to a local engineer for they would be involved in this process. If the mitigation laws are being enforced the easy way out is to deal with an engineer to write an affidavits of compliance. Their authority will supersede local code enforcement…

LINCOLN: I really appreciate your impute on this topic.They sure did applied the new law up here in duval county. But only half of it, that’s the one you mentioned about the underlayment and peel & stick. The other part of the law about bracing the gable ends is not going in to effect until the end of this year, that’s according to the info from a good source, I’m not 100% sure about it. I usually do new constructions and additions I don’t do many of the older houses. If you don’t mind can you explain exactly how an affidav its of compliance works. 8)

Most homes built before 1994 don’t comply with the new hurricane mitigation code. To bring the home up to code is a huge additional expense to the homeowner and a real headache for the contractor. The work needs to be done someone with a GC license. A roofing contractor is not suppose to do the work. What many roofing contractors in South Florida are doing getting engineering letters. Basically for a fee an engineer submits a letter with there seal to the building department saying that the bracing is in compliance. That’s it-case closed. Mind you the bracing is not in compliance. Engineers as well as roofing contractors agree that the new law is BS.In my experience because of the design and lack of access to the attic because of ac ductwork you can’t tell if the bracing is in compliance until the roof is off and some of the deck is removed. After Oct. 1 07 I was surprised how many engineers would play ball. Just write a check for $250-$350 and they write the letter. Many times sight unseen. I am not sure about engineers in Duval Co. Since the law is not in effect yet you may some difficulty finding someone. Check with another local roofing contractor. After the first of the year I suspect you folks will follow suit with the way we are addressing this situation down here.

Here is an excellent source of information on the Florida Re-roofing requirements


Keep up to date on the requirements.


strapin your rafters to your walls isnt a bad idea.
neither is p&sin the whole deck.
ive heard rumers that its going to change again.
cause no roofs are gettin done down here.

doesnt matter.
its all easy for me,
no matter how they want it done,
this week.


Hi, BOB–Those were very good sources of information about the florida’s reroofing requirements. thanks for the input. :mrgreen:

Hi, gweedo… Where are you located??? :expressionless:

tampa bay,
i take it your from jaxsonville.
worked for rooftec for awhile up there.
got a good freind that lives off ricker road , i stay
with when working up there.


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