Foam roof installation question

What are the temperatures required for installation of a 1 1/2" roof with a 40 mil acrylic membrane.? The temps in my area are 65-72 degrees over the next two weeks,unfortunately the low temps will be 34-38 degrees.
Is it too late in the season to apply this roof? Shall I wait till spring.
I don’t want any problems with the cure or the roof.

Should be fine as long as they are using a foam formulated for the temperatures being sprayed in. The acrylic should be fine as long as it does not freeze before cure. Are they going to start right away?

Aaron the roofer is starting today(friday) and will finish Sunday. The weather forecast calls for light snow possibly next Friday. If it does snow that will leave about 5 days to cure. What do you think. Thanks

The foam will be cured when set.

The acrylic should be fine if installed when conditions are above a nighttime low of 50 F for a couple of days.