Focus on roof repairs or just reroofs and offer repairs?

I’m heading back to school, but would like to do roofing part time. In my city there are zero repair companies and they seemed to be backed up. I’ve been roofing for 8 years, I’m done working for roofers, so I’m going to start a business this year.

Should I just stick with the standard, “roof company” and offer repairs or should I just go all out and name my company with the word repair in it like , “Roof repair tech”?

Repairs seem good as I can get in and go, no employees to deal with for now (labour is very hard to get in my city). And I also plan on offering no warranties as I don’t want to get married to someone elses bad work.

I read that there can be good money in repairs, but others say that theres to many moving parts. I suppose I can just create and market a repair business, then see how it goes 1 year right?

I think it’s a great idea but 1 year rarely gives you a good indication. It takes a little while to gain traction. We have a repair/maintenance division and can practically name our price because no one else wants to do it. My markup on repairs is 60-70% and I can hardly keep up with them. There will always be crappy workmanship to fix.

The other thing to consider is who do you feed the reroofs to that you come across? Many times you will go to a repair and the roof is shot. Maybe there is potential for making money that way also if your reference lands the job.

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Sounds like a reasonable plan but you would be wise to be very specific. Prepare a clearly defined menu of services on a one page website alongside the services you don’t offer. For a specialist, such as you are planning to be, this communication is best managed ahead of time. If it’s on your list, you’ll do it, if not, don’t ask me! The trap we’ve all fallen into is the lure of taking on tasks we had originally said we won’t do. It’s the ego that feeds this stupidity. If you’re good, expect customers to tempt you with tasks you shouldn’t take. If you take them … your ego screwed you by taking you off plan and stealing your focus from those who respect your list. Saying yes is easy and no is hard. Train your potential customers to respect the menu, you won’t regret it. Have fun!


My price to do a repair is a warrantied price.
You are paying more for the warranty than you are for my work.

No one will pay you for a warranty-less repair unless it is really cheap.
What you will soon learn, is that some people will feel like if they paid you anything…
You should warranty it.

Ive learned the lesson a few times.
So either my repair is completely free or it is expensive. No in between.

Cute recent story.
Guy calls me out for a roof leak.
My minimum is about 275. One year warranty.
But Its not a roof leak.
The end cap came loose on a cheap gutter.
I tell him i am a roofing company and that i dont do gutter work.
But I glue it back for him at no charge.
He insist on writing me a check for 50 dollars.
I dont refuse it.
But then a couple months later He calls me back and said he wants me to do something again about it, because somethings not right.
We mailed him his 50 dollar check back that i never bothered to cash or deposit.