For anyone/ that needs sales help

If i left you a private message:

Please email me with what you think. I am offering my full sales package for those who are interested in helping me.

Others who are interested in the full sales package with 5mg of attachments and 19 pages of pure sales know how. Please again email me.

Thank you have a great great day

Give us a price, you told me “Get some cash together and we will talk” it sounds like a drug deal. Tell us what you are offering and how much it is and maybe some of us will consider purchasing your product.

I will put it this way just email me and we can start from there. Ok. I will start you out with stage 1. Since i well offended you in some way. We will talk about sales from email only from now on stuff i have would overflow the site. i have about 10meg of stuff with 19 pages included.

read above and below. Please

I would like to say this i am NOT showing my hand for giggles. You want we work something out. This is what i have to offer:

  1. See what you are doing questionnaire It’s a you answer I reply same as below
  2. Advanced questionnaire
  3. Prequalifying like a pro
  4. Closing like a pro
  5. Answers to any objection on the planet
  6. Marketing that does not miss like a pro and is very cheap to use.
  7. The way to use the marketing tools I have how to
  8. A full canvassing program if you want.
  9. I have more but I want to talk first, as far as showing you what I have well money first then you get it. Im sorry I learned the hard way the person I gave it to before they paid screwed me and then bragged about it. I have raised closing by 110 percent with 1 part of my system and Friday spun a sales manager from a car dealership sideways buying from me. Yes I got 100 dollars for junk. My closing ration before I became disabled was 48% doing it my way these were canvassed leads from my work not regular leads. At my price and I would go up and down the street, some old school selling some never used sales and in between. If interested email me, if not have a great day and god bless

Is this spam?


The boss said he talked with you on the phone today. He was also impressed with some of your info. Not sure he has had time to read all of it as of yet. I have to say, the tennis shoe close is nothing but genius. We laughed and laughed on that one :mrgreen: .

Good luck with the surgery, and talk with you later.

This is not spam outlaw, Im trying to help guys with sales while im disabled. Gives me something to do. If you have a problem with that i feel for you, not me. God bless. Read above this post. Thank you have a great day!

I just spent about an hour on the phone with gtp. I will readily admit I was out of place busting this gentleman’s balls previously.

I will simply say he is definitely the real deal, has a wealth of knowledge and would clearly enhance any company or individuals selling productivity. He opened my eyes in a couple of key areas in just the brief time we were on the phone together.

I apologize gtp (I won’t use your real name for the sake of privacy here) and look forward to spending some money with you soon for the valuable service you offer. I won’t say anymore as people might think I’m shilling, which I’m not. Just felt like I owed you a public apology after our previous “interaction” here.

I was just asking. If you have a problem with that I feel for you, but I just can’t reach ya. God Bless Thank You and Merry Christmas!

I will back with everyone Friday. I apoligize for that just have an emergency today.

I wanted to thank everyone for there interest in me helping them. I wish them all the best in there sales, getting leads and so on. God bless and have a happy thanksgiving!


After we spoke last and I read through all the info you sent me, my closing ratios have skyrocketed…86% actually…Most leads seemed to be closed over the phone on their first call…Hard to say why…Me/Website/referral/ect… Im going to start asking customers after we complete the job, “why they chose me”?

But anyhow, back to my question…Closing are great, but leads are low low low!!! My market share over the past 3 months has went down, but total jobs have went up…but so has everyone elses…

Any suggestions as to get a bigger piece of the pie?

if you still have my number call me today. we can go over that. if not email me yours at

I stop working after 5:30pm