For the new guys

There was a question brought up on another thread about newbies and insurance work and other things. We have all came here for help, support and advise. I think its great we are getting new roofers here the community is getting bigger.

With that said we all started somewhere even here. Some of us are old timers and some are new but we can all learn something new from each other. My specialty is sales and running the business. Started from the ground picking up and now an owner. Did not get there without help from others.

Basically what im trying to say is welcome to the new guys and even the old guys can learn something from another person. Good luck to all of us this season.

Well said Kevin and glad to see your a regular again!!!

Even more glad to see you got your own bus going…

Very good post. I have been roofing for 18 years now, in the business end for about 12 of that and the things I have learned here have been invaluble to me and my company.
just want to say thank you to all of you folks sharing a little of your wisdom and insight here everyday.

I am 16 yrs and am an old dog…but I still learn tricks every day!

Ditto but 31yrs.

I am a new Guy and Thank you for the offer of help to us

Nice to see the willingness to help. I’d like to pick some of your guys brains if I may one day… I’m in the midwest area.

When ever is fine by me just pm your number its alot faster and more efficient for me to help that way.