Frost while roofing?

We have half of a shop done and frost has set in. We are installing a metal roof and wondered if it is a big problem performance wise if we trap some moisture between the new metal roofing material and the sharskin underlayment. We plan to sweep what we can off before starting.


Throw a tarp over the nite before.

Be extremely careful getting on a frost covered roof.

Don’t even try to walk on frost covered metal, it will result in an express trip to the ground.

We usually use a torch to get rid of the frost if we can’t afford to wait for the sun to do the work for us.
However, I have never used Sharkskin and have no idea how it will stand up to an open flame.

Your roofers should know how to deal with the frost.


No, it won’t hurt a thing to get a little moisture in the system before completion.

As AXIOM stated, be very careful that you dont STEP on a frosty metal roof: I watched a guy slide off a perfectly good ranch home last week on a frosty morning!