FRT plywood in VA

I have a roofer who tells me that if he does the roof on my 35-year-old townhouse (in Fairfax County, VA) and finds that there is no FRT plywood by the firewalls, that he is required by law to bring me up to code. I don’t know if this is true and can’t find anyone (including the county inspections office) who will give me a straight answer… Anyone…?

Inspectors don’t even know the codes most times.

I will second that Aaron. I love the one we have in stclair shores. He will sit and watch the roof getting done. THe dummy acctually said the ice and water needed to be 18 inches inside the vertical wall. I told him here is the code why dont you learn it. ANother in fashionable ferndale, Said we didnt install any apron flashing on the roof, so i went out there and funny thing if he would have gotten out of the car he would have seen it. Lazy bastard.


Stay away from Fire Rated Plywood if at all possible.

It deteriates faster then shingles.

If you have to use it. Go with a 25 year shingle. The Fire Rated Plywood lasts 20 years. Then it is unsafe to walk on.

ditto lefty,in a lot of cases they use tectum which you nail to directly,and doesn`t require a plywood overlay at the firewall

Hi RoofingGod.

There is one project. We will not even work in. Someone gets hurt and we fall through the ceiling damaging the inside. Lose money on everyone. So we just stay away.

I’m originally from Fairfax, VA, the Camp Washington area if you know Fairfax really well (intersection of 236, 50 and 29). Anyway, I’ve been away for over 10 years, but I can venture a guess. I would say the roofer is correct. However, it should be known that you only need to use a half-sheet of plywood to comply. So, you typically will see a half-sheet, then a full-sheet, then a half-sheet, etc., as you go up the roof slope. I also want to say, and I can’t remember for sure, if the firewall extends above the roof then you may not be required to install FRT.