Funny Roofing Video

dirty job guy

I have never seen it done quite like that, except on that show.

That sure is hell not how they do it here either. although I have been on crews with the wheelbarrow shoot thing. most had garlock buggies though.They certainly could have found a tougher and dirtier roofing experience for him though. should have been on a nice pitch job, rip and put back.


I think they used a Hot Mop job for the stink factor juast as much as any other reason.

I would, however enjoy seeing him on a 250+ square church with 14:12 or better slopes…

I guarantee he’d be outta there so fast on a super steep that he wouldn’t know what to do.

the hot jobs are dirtier :wink:

Maybe a nice Tile job with tons of cuts .

He will come out of there white as snow :mrgreen: