Fused bundles

I’m currently laying Landmarks on a 7/12 church. Struggling to get the things apart from each other out of the bundles in 95 degree sun-blasted heat is really getting old. WHY can’t these manufacturers wake up to the fact that applicators want a shingle they can just grab & flip into place?!?!?
IKNOW they can do it, why the apathy about creating easy-release shingles? Widen the damn plastic strip by an inch, something… does this annoy & slow down anyone else or is it just me? :x


Keep the bundles cover till you use them. Once open use the pack up.

You should not have any problems.

Unless they are old shingles.

“shuffle” them by openening the bundle end, and grabbing the bottom of one end and do it as if you are shuffling a deck of cards. This works pretty good.

That works great when the shingle is cooler than sun bake temp. I have gotten a few bundles that have been bricks the last few also. Try and use cooler bundles and do what aaron said.

hey fuddy,
you may have some shingles that sat awhile in the heat before you got them.

but im willin to bet its that heat wave yall just went through.

either way, just gotta deal with it.
tape your three pullin fingers ( stuck shingles wear skin faster).
keep em in shade till used if possible.


Thanks, all good advice, I was just complaining about something we all deal with that really shouldn’t even be an issue. I guess the good side of this is the improved seal-down - these things are never coming off until theyr’e torn off by humans.

In Alaska we have the same problems. We generally use “Malarkey” shingles. The summer temps average about 65 degrees yet the shingles are solid like bricks, that is three tab and dimensional. I believe that the manufacturer bundles them too hot, causing the stuck shingles.


Could be, Roofboy - they should cool them down first, then, but they don’t. The landmarks are not stacked uniformly in the bundles, & the seal-strip misses the plastic strip. On a 145 sq. job like the one I’m on now, I’m losing alot of time farting around with shingles. They don’t care, the things sell, however…when applicators tell the boss “Don’t buy this crap again#@!!!, get something I can lay!”, you’d think the manufacturers would take notice.

I would never complain about this. As I think you already stated, these shingles are not coming off unless torn off by us roofers. Speaking of which, how many people are looking forward to the day we have to tear off all these roofs with the ice and water barrier on them? Fun stuff! Even if you make the obvious decision just to leave the ice and water or replace the sheathing, ripping the shingles off is a pain because the bar sticks in the ice and water while you are doing it. I’m so glad I won’t be roofing everyday when this is an everyday event.

I have never had a landmark bundle be bad only 3 shingles so far this year i have had like that.