G-Tape has some competition!

Besides your brain and a normal tape measure, G-Tape has some competition. dciproducts.com/html/revealtape.htm

Do DCI instruction say to shingle over bare wood? LMAO.

You cant beat G tape. I know…I use it.

Hope Gtape had a patten on it.

Hey Aaron - You certaintly can beat it- use that everyday item called a tape measure - mark your spots - chaulk you lines. It’s that easy. I give em credit to try to re-invent the wheel but my guys can mark off a roof in half the time G-tape or any other type of wanna be measuring tape could and our tape measures even rewind.

the concept behind g-tape is to eliminate human error. and…why would you need to rewind it? i believe it is a good product made by a good person.

i don’t know g tape personally so I am not commenting on him personally and im sure he is a great guy but come on… common sense and everyday knowledge one shouldn’t need g tape. Human error leads to being fired !! Good roofers with years of experience shouldn’t need g tape. Im not taking pot shots at g tape the person nor the product. Making comments on usefullness and practicality.

Youre absolutely right…heck If Im shingling by myself, I only snap a starter line, and then for over the dormer situations. BUT…when youre training AND having to keep production, it does its job perfectly. I can teach multiple apprentices at the same time on the same side, and the roof still comes out perfect. If I use one 12 dollar roll per roof, and it saves me two guys at 20 minutes (opposed to two guys measuring flawlessly), then I have just made money because of the true labor cost. All the smart roofers are using it. :stuck_out_tongue:


G-tape is faster then any person in marking 5’s.

So maybe you should fire yourself. LOL

So do you drive a vehicle with a carburator? With your lodgic, you are against fuel injection.

I will say this that this product would be great for those cut up to the hilt roofs that you have to go around dormers and other things. I think its a great training tool. Dont knock it before you try it is all im saying. It would make life alot easier. I felt the same way untill i seen the stuff and its a great product. Well thats my 2 cents for the day. Carry on gents

I have tried it and know what I am talking about. Just seems the old tape and knowledge works better. That $12 a roll per job X 3000+ jobs minimum per yr = +/- $36 K depending on if it lasts all year. for 36 K i can get aa few tapes and put a lot in my pocket. Heck - I don’t even shingle anymore. Just sell sell sell. I got others who do the install - i’m not stupid. Been there - done that. I respect my installers and they respect me. That is what makes it work. Oh - and as far as the carb - it depends on the type of car and/or motorcycle. Some need em - some don’t. Tape measure with a sharpie marked on it is still the best and safest choice is all I was trying to say. Thats my .02.

You might have a point i have never used the stuff.

My buddy had the idea many of years and years ago when I used to install next to him. He owns a very successful roofing business for many years and I just sell but no longer with or for him. He and I just never jumped on the idea. Glad to see someone did.

gtp1003- you have a pm in response to your pm.

throttle body injection sucks,carburation is better than that. but, plenum injection is the best

Timmy, some pretty harsh statements there.

Let me rebute…

  1. You or your guys can not measure and mark a roof faster than using G-Tape. That is impossible. Just as you unwind your tape to measure the roof, you also unwind the G-Tape. So those are a wash. Then you or your guys have to mark the roof. With G-Tape you don’t, its already done for you. So G-Tape wins.

  2. G-Tape will make sure there is no human error. You say human error is grounds for firing? well, maybe. But if the guy was using G-Tape, he wouldn’t have made the mistake. You see, if your guys used G-Tape they as well as you would never have to worry about the employees being fired, because they would never make the mistake.
    As for the mistake of mismarking a measurement, some guys, probably not your guys, but some guys out there do have a problem with 5 5/8 inch measurements. They get the first one, but after that it gets tough. G-Tape can help them with that problem.
    I have had guys that have roofed 20+ years and have mismarked a measurement. Did I fire them? hell no, not for a mistake like that. But that mistake is costly for you as well as the employee…er sub, depending on what you classify them as. When they used G-Tape, they never made that mistake again, AND they get to keep their jobs.

  3. 3000+ jobs a year??? I only know 2 roofing companies in the US that does that much volume in a year…and some of their crews are our customers! I know and have talked to the owners of the roofing companies that do that much volume, you do not talk or carry yourself as if you are one of those guys, not saying thats good or bad, its just your attitude isn’t what a 3000+ shingle jobs a year company owner acts like. An owner of a company like that would not talk about a product or tool that will help the guys put on a QUALITY roof. He or she would welcome a tool that would help his installers do a better job.

  4. You say you have tried it and know what you are talking about. It sounds like you have been roofing for a long time. We get this attitude from old roofers all the time. “Its hard to teach an old dog new tricks”, and I can appritiate that, and I understand that. The old roofer do have a hrd time trying and using something new. As soon as they see a new tool or product, they are already on the defense, they are already having bad thoughts about it…BUT, the new guys love it!!! The new guys are using it all the time. As so are some of the old guys, the guys that welcome a new tool, a new way to install better, faster, or safer. Some of these old roofers see the value in a new product, they see that it may be helpful and are willing to try it and make it work for them. They are always looking to better themselves or their installers in any way possible. Any way possible to give them an edge on their competition, be it quality, speed, service, whatever they can use to be better than the other guy. And if G-Tape can do that…and it is doing that for a lot of installers and owners that use it.

  5. DCI…having the inside scoop on whats going on over there, I am not worried about it. G-Tape is better…and cheaper than DCIs tape. G-Tape is easier to use, is more user friendly, and has proven itself with the roofers out there using the tapes.

I do take into consideration what everybody has to say about G-Tape, I welcome all opinions…OPINIONS. But what I take to heart is the concrete evidence of what G-Tape is doing for the installers on the roofs, as well as other trades that use our tapes. These guys are seeing the increased quality, speed, installer satisfaction, as well as and more importantly, customer satisfaction. For every one guy I hear put down G-Tape, I have 1000 new customers that love it!!!

Plus, I get to push G-Tape some more!! :wink:

I would like to add one more thing…

"try to re-invent the wheel "

“for 36 K i can get aa few tapes and put a lot in my pocket.”

This type of attitude humors me.With this type of attitude, why are you using a hammer to pound in nails? A rock works just as good and they are free! just think of all the money you could save pounding in nails with a rock. A car or truck? you could walk or ride a horse and buggy. They do the job from getting from point A to point B just as good as a car.

Even if you feel we are just trying to reinvent the wheel, so be it. But I am happy to always be trying to make roofing easier and better for everyone in the trade. And if G-Tape is one little step in that process, great! Someone, someday will be taking alittle bit of G-Tapes attributes and using them to make a bigger and better product and I am glad I could be a part of it.

I am not one to sit by and be content with what I have now, I always want to better myself and everything around me. If you do not always try to better yourself, you become stagnant. If you become stagnant, you die, and that is in all areas of life.

Rebute to your rebute:

#1 - sounds like a wash
2 - good roofers measure twice - mark once - shingle once. WASH
3 - I was throwing a # out there. I went back and looked at total jobs for last year. Just over 1500 roofs new and reroof. You must not know many peeps who do volume or just don’t know the business interms of the who is who. Talk to your reps. They will tell you. I used to work for a company that did 4000 a year on a good year and has averaged more than 3000 the last 3 years. They are here in Michigan and at one time was the 5th largest installer in the US. I was with them for over 16 years. I know of 3 peeps within 75 miles of you doing 2500 + a year. We talk all the time. The work is out there if you are good at what you do. (and you get paid) Do you go to the national seminars and such. Try it sometime… you will meet all kinds of peeps who do 3000+ roofs all types. These are the guys who we all need to pick there brains. You can learn alot from your elders. As far as how I carry myself - you don’t knw me from the guy down the street - you could learn something I bet from me as I could from you. Never prejudge a person until you actually know them. I am very well respected by all suppliers, shingle reps, as well as all the customers I have worked with.
4 - old guys are hard to change - you are right !
5 - glad to know you have done your research

in response to your last remark…
I have used a rock before to nail in a nail as I left my hammer on a prior job. You do what you have to to make it work.
I try also to better myself each and everyday. Two steps forward and one back still makes you one step ahead of the rest !!
You got my email and have read it. No harm - no foul. No disrespect to you or your product. Look forward to chatting and learning things from you and others on this forum. As far as I’m concerned - CASE CLOSED - G tape works for some (those newer installers) and tape works for others (us older guys)… Glad to have chatted with you on this. NEXT !!

old guys rule…besides, we own eveything

I have never even used gtape and I have to agree that at first I thought, how silly, if you can’t lay them straight then why are you on a roof. Upon further thought though, there is no way possible that you could shingle faster with a tape measure even for experienced guys than someone could with the gtape. I see one extra step with gtapes, which is that you would have to break out hook ladders for temporary use to set it from top to bottom on a steeper pitch. In the grand scheme of things, how much extra time can it take to set a hook ladders.

When reading that you used gtape and didnt find it useful, one thing popped in my mind. I think this is similar to some old school guys that wouldn’t accept the harnesses because they got entangled in them. I promise you, that when you learn to use a harness as a tool rather than a “useless” required nuisance on a steep slope, it can save you time and get you to places you otherwise might not feel so comfortable. At first, it is an extra step that takes a veteran out of a rhythm he once had blindfolded. All it is, is reprogramming that veteran and creating a new rhythm that will increase speed with more practice to the new method.

3000 jobs a year? was doing some guesstimate playful math. I use the math that I try to use for budgets, and it’s been pretty close except when I hit dead time. Anywho, I figure average residential roof size at 15 squares, so 45,000 squares. My estimate of actual working days minus weather, some holidays, some weekend days, is about 240 working days a year. Divide the two and you get 187.5 squares a day. Work your crews to the bone every day and average 10 hours a day, 18.75 squares an hour. Can it be done? Sure, ten ten-man crews working 10 hours a day, it can be done. Landing 10 jobs a day is where you get me also. Did you advertise during the Super Bowl? Lots of footwork, sales, and paperwork involved in landing 10 jobs a day too. A LOT of smooth talkers on payroll.

More playful math. GAF website, largest shingle manufacturer in America listing close to $2,000,000,000 a year in sales. Conservatively, 3 bundles, roofing felt, and ice and water costs me about $75 per square. At that rate, GAF would only need to rely on about 60 guys your size in the country for all of their sales. Even harder to fathom.