Gable Soffiting

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I am getting ready to re-roof our house in the next few weeks. We have an old farm house with soffiting on the gables of the original house, but there is no soffiting on the gables of an addition to the house. I have been trying to find out whether it will be worth the effort to add soffiting to the addition while I a putting on the new roof. I am thinking that the soffiting would provide more protection (against sunlight and rain) for the windows below. Can anyone give me reasons for or against this?

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Have you considered awnings for the windows? Adding soffit extensions will require removal of siding and anchoring the ladder extensions to the existing “old” framing while hoping they won’t sag after time. Old structures are often full of surprises that best remain hidden. If it’s a matter of shade and window protection, awnings might work for the purpose. They also might accentuate the rustic charm.


This is a LITTLE late, but thank you for your reply. I ended up putting up soffitting on the house addition in Oct 21. I did not want to do the awnings because my wife’s grandmother’s house has these, and they hate having to put them up and take them down every year.
I wanted to update the post after the installation, in case anybody else had the same question I did. I would guess that adding the soffitting gave me two extra days of work and I like the way it looks. It has done almost nothing at all to protect the windows below from either rain or sun.

Aluminum awnings are permanent, you don’t have to put them up and take them down.

Aluminum awning