Gable Vents

Last question… After installing ridge vents and soffits, do my 2 gable vents need to be closed up, or can they remain as is for more ventilation? I’m getting conflicting stories. My guy says leave them open for more ventilation, but I’ve also been told that they will be a negative in terms of airflow, and now being an intake, pull in moisture. Any thoughts? Thanks again.

I suggest closing the vents as marshall said before it will cause one of the vents to turn into an intake. go to and you can read more about it.

you dont want MORE ventilation…
you want BALANCED ventialtion. it will only take 10 miutes to close your gable vents. hope this helps. if your contractor still doesnt believe you, ask him to come to this site and we will talk to him as well. hope this helps.

I went to that airvent website, and it was extremely helpful. I will close up the gable vents, and I thank you all very much for your unbiased feedback. Kenny M

Kenny, if you are located in an area with a lot of snow in the winter, it might be better to leave the gable vents open.

i live in an extreme snow belt…and i have never heard that before

Close those gable vents up. **Never ever **leave gable vents open with a ridge vent.
Now you are sounding like the contractors that I bid against all day (and usually get the job because they don’t know what they are talking about either).

Please attempt to explain your thinking of leaving them open in snowy areas.


Ok Dennis - your 2 pictures show me:

  1. You know how to take pics
  2. You know how to post pics
  3. The house is covered with snow
  4. House is covered with a alot of snow
  5. You took a pic but left no explanation and want us in this forum to figure it out subliminimly.

So which one is it and what is your point ???

His point is that the gable vents dont get clogged with snow like ridge vent does. Dennis is an excellent copper and slate guy, so I cant watch you try to insinuate that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He doesn’t do much shingling, and has only done a few since soffit/ridge venting came about. I’m a little suprised by his answer too, but he’s definitely a huge contributor to this site, so ease up a little. Thats my two cents.

In areas where it snows, it is going to cover the ridge vent. Leaving the ridge vent on with gable vents open is a no-no no matter where you are at unless the manufactures are wrong and are telling us the wrong information which I do believe the are not. Warranties can be voided if ventialtion can not be done properly by the contractor.
His “point” Severance was to “leave the gable vents open”. That is the most ridiculous inaccurate statement in regards to ridge venting and the principles of ventilation. Cooper and slate is one thing (and I’m sure he does a great job at that ) - how to properly ventilate is a completely different monster. Homeowners read this stuff and I would hate for a homeowner who comes seeking knowledge and professional advice be led down the wrong path by a stupid inaccurate statement.
I’m still waiting for him to give his explanation. I can’t wait for this one. It might be like the guy who has beach front property for sale in the middle of the Atlantic real cheap. Try as you can but you could never sell me on it and his rebuttal should be interesting if there will be one. Thats my 25 cents !!

although timothy is being quite harsh with the words. he is correct in saying that it will void any manufacture warranty by combining a ridge and gable vent. i just attended a GAF ventilation seminar and we discussed exactly this scenario.

Not trying to get into the middle of this pickle but air vents seminar speaks of the same thing. If the home is insulated correctly the ice damning should not occur as bad as described nor should the leak since ice and water is there for that reason.

as I already stated, Dennis is clearly wrong here and I agree with you all. But maybe the gable vents alone WERE just as or more effective than the ridge, soffit vent system, considering that they dont work at all when the ridge vent is clogged with snow. I’m just saying that it is just as easy to say a person is wrong and leave it at that rather than saying he simply doesnt know what he’s doing. You basically called him a moron. I think he deserves more respect than that, check out the pictures of his work he has posted, that is an artist, not just a roofer.

Never called anyone a moron more that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Others seem to agree. Im sure his work is of top notch quality. Can’t say I have seen it but I take what others say. Never said anything about his work just his opinion on ridge vents and gable vents and the fact that he is completely wrong and misleading to any homeowner who might be reading or I guess - any roofer reading this and doesn’t understand ventialtion systems.
Still waiting for his reply !!!

isnt that the same thing? :smiley:

calling someone a moron is just that… telling someone that they don’t know what they are talking about doesn’t constitute a moron directly just means doesnt know what they are talking about or doesn’t have the knowledge to correctly answer.

Just in case anyone was still waiting for my reply, I’ve posted it in a new thread.