Gaf 30 yr mission Brown or weathered wood?

would appreciate your advice as we’re trying to narrow down roofing color options and as you’re the professionals–who better to ask. tried the Gaf website remodeler and found that the colors look totally different online–didn’t help me much. Most of the homes in my area are bi-levels and our home is a cape --which means the roof color really matters. I’ve driven around to try to get an idea of how the roof will look with siding and am having a hard time. any input would be appreciated. Thank you to all who answered my previous post.

siding color will be crane cypress green, windows are white and we’d eventually like to add stonework at base of house and around garage. GAF 30 yr mission brown or weathered wood shingle?

thank you

Can you post a picture of your house? I think weathered wood is a boring shingle because almost every house around here has that or a similar color.[/code]

That’s a really nice house! I would go with the hunter green. I think that would look great (go ahead and call me crazy). Mission brown would be my second choice.

Given the color of your house I would suggest something like slate or pewter gray both are GAF colors not sure if they are offered in your area. Im like Gary weathered wood is what everyone has. I dont think the mission brown would be a very good match for your home IMO.But it is your home and your decision hope this helps good luck :stuck_out_tongue:

I think GAF mission brown is one of the best shingle colors available today. Mission brown all the way!!!

I’m just some lady who goes on here for advice, but given the color of your house, pewters go really nicely with greens. They really compliment each other.

Thank you so much for the advice. This photo is actually a BEFORE photo. Crane cypress green is a green/grey like color–darker than the green on the house presently in the photo. Would rather stay in the brown family as we plan to add stonework at the base of the home and around the garage next year. So the mission Brown is not too dark with the white trim?

Link to color … rview.aspx


I don’t see any darker brown going with that at all but that is just MHO. It is a bit of a difficult match which is why weathered wood may be a good choice. I would think a medium gray would look good as well. If you go weathered wood, I’d look at the Certainteed Weathered Wood. I like their shingle better period and their version of weathered wood is my favorite.

I agree with dad on this one, my choice would be the mission since like 60 percent of roofs are in weather wood.