GAF and Owens Corning have problems what about Certainteed?

Owens Corning has a solid tar strip that I am worried will trap water. GAF seems to have a small nail coverage area. I don’t want to spend a ton of time lining up shingles with only a quarter inch overlap. What about Certainteed? Anything wrong with these. I’m looking for a install friendly shingle that will not cause problems. Does Certainteed have solid tar strips? I am looking to buy 50 year architectural shingles.

Consider either Certainteed Landmark Premium, Landmark TL or Timberline Ultra.

GAF first choice Certainteed a close second. I also dont mind OC

Tech question for the Pros :

Isnt it better to NOT have the solid strip due to the fact that any water penetration thru top course seam will get trapped on bottom course ??

they should just make the shingles like the original timberline w/the male/female ends and that would eliminate the ugly seam,i think gaf`s sealant is better for expansion/contraction reasons thancertainteed or owens corning personally

Are certainteed architectural shingles install friendly? I’m looking for a shingle that has a spotted tar strip, install friendly, and has high quality. Any lines of certainteed recommended.