Gaf brandywine color

I am getting a new roof, but stuck between two colors: weathered wood and brandywine. I can find plenty of pics of w.w., but I can not find any with the brandywine (which is the one I am leaning towards).

Does anyone have any pics of a roof in this color? My house is a dark beige

Birch, great decision on selecting Brandywine. Dont go with Weatheredwood, there is too much miss matching with that color, even if you do get the same lot #s.

Thanks, but I still feel like I am taking a shot in the dark since I can’t find any pics other than the one on the gaf site and that is a grey house…if u know of any pics, please let me know

Weathered Wood has been around a long time, Brandywine is from GAFs new Harvest Collection and I doubt the will be around 5 years from now. The economy is still horrible and GAF imo has really overextended itself with it’s immense selection of shingles. If you do use Brandywine I’d suggest purchasing an extra square or two of product in case you need to do small repairs in the future.

Personally I never had an issue with color variations on weathered wood. Maybe it’s a regional problem.

I doubt its a regional problem. I’ve driven all over this country & noticed alot of problems with weatheredwood. Especially large commercial shingle jobs like strip malls & etc. You should always buy a couple extra squares anyway incase you build a doghouse, shed, or something.

I haven’t needed a roof in 25+ yrs. However the covered walkway between house & garage, particularly where it intersects the 5/12 roof on the house wasn’t detailed, nor flashed properly. I found soft decking around the intersection area and a couple of holes.

So I tore it all off to have a look, and have done a lot of detailed carpentry work to fix rotted trim pieces in addition to replace the 1/2" ply deck. Went back with P&S in the three 5’ valleys, 5" width strips to cover the ply edge at the eave and metal 2x2 drip w/ kick around the eaves. I’m also installing metal V-channel in the valleys

Dairymilk666, what does that have to do with the guys color choice???