GAF, Certainteed, or ELK


I’m getting a new roof and have four estimates. Each is a little different from the other as I would expect. My dilemma lies in that each is pushing a different primary shingle. As I ask questions of each they all agree that one is better than the other and have cases to prove their individual point. I read on here of the TAMKO problem so I am inclined to stay away from them but of the other three majors (GAF, Certainteed, and ELK) I am at a loss as to which is better. I am interesed in the architectural style shingles. Thanks for your help!!

I perfer certainteed. WHen they seal forget removing the shingle.

Do ELK go brittle after installation? is that a good thing? Why certainteed?

You’re going to be pretty much on your own here. Everyone is going to have a different opinion, but several contractors are going to prefer Certainteed because they are contractor friendly. Personally, I like Elk, but have Certainteed on my own house and haven’t had any problems. Either way, you should be just fine, so I’d select the shingle that gives you the biggest bang for the buck. In other words, compare prices and shingle weights.

I read here and asked around and did find Certainteed and spoke with their salesman.

Did speak with a Roofer who is massively experienced and asked him if he is familiar with them and he said very much so. He said he has had to do some warranty work and I will find out more when I see him. It sounded minimal and we didn’t have much time to talk about it. He did say he still prefers ashphalt. But will ask why.

It was a joy to watch him work, seems like 4 nails were hammered in in three seconds, then with a gun faster. Just a blurr and still being sure things were lined up well.

STill hope to read more posts and ask more up here before I decide.


Japoax should just make this one a sticky since it’s asked like every single day. All you’re going to get here is the same answers the contractors you’re getting quotes from. This is a matter of preference. What you have to do is find the real root of the reason for their preference. Do they really believe in their product for what sounds like a valid reason, or is it just cheaper? You have to interview your contractors and see which ones seem most logical and knowledgable. I just got quotes for hardwood floors to be refinished and repairs in my house. One guy came in, had no pictures, said it would take two days and it would be $650, no information for me. Next guy came in, said it would take four days, $850, beautiful pictures, said my floors were Maple. Last guy that came in said it would take 3 days, $950, beautiful pictures, said my floors were Birch, and with no help from me he said, “Not to be confused with maple, which is common, because Maple wouldnt have these grain variations.” Who do you think I hired… the $950. Just use common sense and test them.

Thanks for all the help. Pretty much the logic I was using Severence, they each have their own methods of presenting and their opinions. Your floor case sounds much like my roofing estimates, thus my confusion. It seems that the shingles are relatively close in performance and warranties with no major outcries on here or anywhere I’ve found online. Thanks again for all the help all.

to me the installtion method is much more important than the material used.
in other words, any of those shingle brands should last at least 20 years,
when installed rite.

worry bout whose installin.
most of the problems we see here are from knuckleheads screwin somethin up . not from defective or inferior materials.

good luck.