GAF granulated ice and water shield

Do you guys use this stuff and how do you feel about. Our company has been using it alot more these days due to it being priced so much lower than grace. I fo one hate it roofing is dangerous enough and that material just makes it worse. Walking across it you just dig in and slide and it doesnt have to be blazing hot for this to happen. Just thought i would see how others felt about this product.

Is not necessary here in this climate for us but i need to use it for my warranties to qualify as a complete system …

Is expensive like 80 bux a roll

Yea here in mich we are getting it for labout 40bucks a roll compared to the 90bucks for the grace and same thing gaf warranty reason i have sent them some complaints about this product I myself am a big boy for roofing but even the little guys on the crew dig in and slide it is just plain miserable. And yes we do put roof jacks in at all eaves for safety purpose but that doesnt mean we like having to test them :smiley:


Use GAF’s Storm Guard. You will not slide and dig in like the Weather Watch.

Weather watch is the cheap version of storm watch. Way i see it if they sell it in Home Depot then why should i use it on a roof. Im just that way.

i hear you on that one gtp i only wish our estimators had the same beliefs. i guess this is just the ways of the cutthroat roofing business these days. thanks for the input i just wanted to make sure me and my guys werent the only ones that dislike this product. id prefer grace over any of it.

now that you bring up home depot GAF materials … I cant believe they are selling torch down and torches to homeowners!! … WTF !! are they thinking !!!

Shows you is always about the $$$$$ :evil:

Funny thing im an estimator

MFM has a product like Grace, only it has a non slip surface without the granules. Not as expensive either.

I am certified through certainteed and I can give a customer an extended warranty if I use all of certainteed’s products so I install certainteed’s ice shield good stuff I this is 45 a roll