GAF roofing materials

**Just a little heads up to any of you using GAF materials. I’ve had a month long dispute with them over the quality of their products. They don’t stand behind them so its sort of like let the buyer beware. I went to to the top executives with my concerns and the attitude was oh well, sorry, but too bad … .wanna buy some new roofing material from us to replace the bad stuff? I sent 5 letters and 3 e-mails and made 2 phone calls before I finally received a reply from them. I’m really disappointed with them and their attitude toward the consumer and end user. They rely on the roofers to sell their product for them and the consumer relies on the roofer for their expertise’. I need a new roof on two homes and am now having all of my bids done to specifically EXCLUDE any of their products. :roll: **

Certainteed Landmark is the shingle I recommend to everyone. Gaf not so much, expecially since the merger. I’ve heard of others having trouble with them standing behind their products as well.

Did the product fail?

If so in what way?

Did you have a warranty?

Details would help us understand what to look out for. “OMFG these guys suck!” doesn’t tell me anything beyond the fact that you’re angry…

Whats the quality issue you are having?

Am I the only one who has problems with Certainteed? I’ve done* many* warranty jobs for Certainteeds, even Landmarks.

All brands have had problems throughout the years. Some more than others.

I have found them to stand by there products on several occasions. A contractor does have more clout with them though. What are your problems ??

[quote=“selfemployedslave”]Whats the quality issue you are having?

Am I the only one who has problems with Certainteed? I’ve done* many* warranty jobs for Certainteeds, even Landmarks.

All brands have had problems throughout the years. Some more than others.[/quote]

You must be confusing New Horizon with Landmark. Will you please link pictures of defective Landmarks??? So far I’ve yet to see any. We are both getting most Landmarks from the same plant in Shakopee.

My customers are given the choice to pick whatever shingle they want. Being a Certainteed Shingle Master Company it’s the number one choice. If they don’t want CT I tell them to choose in this order,
OC Duration
Tamko Heritage
Iko Cambridge
Another laminate shingle on the market

GAF Timberline

No, Im not confused.
Actually working on a warranty today. 10 year old landmarks moulting. I’ll get the pics. Seen problems with Landmarks, New Horizons, Sealdon 25s, Custom Sealdon 30s, XT 25s. Do a google search on problems, they’re out there.

Dougger, Heres 2
Don’t mean to hijack this thread, I just wanted to point out that most all companies have had problems. These are the english size Landmarks, 10 years old. Its not hail or applicator damage. Its throughout the roof. One of the shingles I replaced (for warranty submittal) came from a bundle in the garage and had a spot missing like the rest of the roof. This is the 4th landmark job I’ve seen with these problems. Not bashing CT. Just don’t think they’re perfect.

The problem w/ the shingles was that they pooped out before they were even half way through their life expectancy. Asphalt came off, all that shows is the fiberglass. Now I have to come up with $10,000 while on unemployment and get the roof re-done. I don’t know that I am mad… just really disappointed in how they handled this. I’ve had many professional roofers look at it and they all agreed it is product failure. But … GAF’s warranties are written to protect them, not the consumer. There are many glitches and technicalities that get them off the hook. Mind you, I did not ask for them to replace my roof, I asked for a small discount on replacement items. I even had a guy go to bat for me who worked for them for 20 years. No go. By the way, they have an F rating from the Better Business Bureau and over 20 complaints against them, the bulk for their warranty issues. The only thing they did was brag to me how high their sales were last year and I said because you are not selling direct to the consumer and you have a contract with Home Depot. They did admit that if this were happening to them personally, they’d be angry too but putting on their business mode … they denied all of my requests for assistance.

Hmm, I have put on a countless amount of their products and of the two times I had problems with it, they paid for the fix and for my time.

To say anything about the bbb and them having only 20 complaints is pretty spectacular if you ask me. With the millions of products they sell each year I would think it would be more complaints.

I am wondering if you had these installed by the home depot? It could just as well be installation error.

SES, I also spend more time fixing certainteed more than anything. At least it seems that way.


Those have the old Certainteed thick shadow line, but other than that it doesn’t look like any old standard Landmark I have ever seen.
The granules don’t look right in general and the color is way off anything I can think of beside a really messed up colonial slate.

There was an off brand around here a while ago that had that same shadow line.

The first picture looks like impact damage.
The second is clearly defective, probably noticeable at installation.[/quote]

Trust me they’re landmarks. Still has bundle in the garage. That first pic you call impact damage is throughout the roof. Also on a shingle in the bundle in the garage. I’m not gonna argue about what brand or cause. They’re defective Landmarks.

Have the shingles exceeded their warranty? If not, most of the warranties are pro-rated and give you back some money. GAF is known for having as many attorneys on the staff as sales people. Do know that warranties are always written to protect the manufacturer not the consumer.

Thats why i only install malarkey.

great customer service and there only superior products owen and tamco are a hell no and iamb starting to feel the same way with gaff

What do you guys think about atlas iamb trying to do some research on them

If you don’t like OC or Tamko, you won’t like Atlas. I’d rank them low

Our company uses GAF materials and never had to many problems with them besides the fact they dont line up correctly sometimes. But I will admit ELK shingles alone were alot better. And I think GAF is going cheap on there tar paper

i didnt even know GAF was still making felt paper except shingle mate.

Well We just , Installed Lifetime GAF/ELK , been looking into the - Cap Issues .

TimberTex didn’t have a Color Match for Slate , so Ended Up with - Seal Downs.

Didn’t Really Come Up with a Tech Spec. that says These Caps are 40 yrs. or these Caps are 50 yrs.
or Liftime , just say ,Better Core and Better Materials Used .

Like where’s the 110 MPH Wind Warranty ?

Speaking of the GAF/Elk Caps or Seal-Downs , have a Question or Two ? _ ?

First Four Nailing and Forming - We were Forced
to put them on a Cold and Windy Day , so 15 % of the Caps - Look Like they are not Down and Sealed , so Concerned .

I Started to use 100% 50 Yr. - High Tack -
Black Silicone on all the ones that seem to have a Weak ( Seal Down ) & I Could Lift those Corners right back 3 " very Easily - Until I Black Siliconed them Now they seem Stuck Down Very Well .

I Think WE might have had a Bad Batch ( Anyway )
What’s the Best Method for Forming and Sticking the Caps Down - Especially Over Cobra Vent ?
Used Longer Full Galv. Nails - Butt the Corner
Just aren’t Staying Locked Down ?
I Didn’t want to Use Tar Based Sealing , as It Might Effect the Cap Material in Two or Three Yrs. ( Is That Correct ) ?
Thanks to All