GAF Sand Drift

Is anyone familiar with GAF Sand Drift? I am subbing a job in which the customer has requested this color, but it’s special order and they won’t break a pallet for me. Got to buy 32 square for a 22 sq job. In the end, I did not supply the shingle color board to the customer so I will not eat the money. However, I am inclined to help the company I am subbing from to find a close color match that is readily available.

Any suggestions?

When you sub, you supply material? Are you able to add a % to your total for making the phone calls to place/setup delivery?

Around here a sub gets a work order shows up at a job, shingles it then leaves. Easy as that they never order the shingles only thing they sometimes have to supply is nails.


They ask me how much to do the job and I tell them. I only sub from one company for roofing and we always do it that way. I give them a price for them to wipe their hands of it.

So how bout that Sand Drift???

Just do what I do. Say it’s a Special Order Color, and charge for the pallet. No biggie. Add in your total material cost.

Try a different supplier, I have never had a problem special ordering a specific quantity of shingles, whether it is 3 sq or 70 sq…