GAF Self-adhered VS GAF Ruberoid torch smooth

I am doing a lot of flat roof work using self-adhered granulated ruberoid: porches, additions, balconies. It is expensive, but easier to install and is in my opinion longer lasting than torch, it has a “double” protection - base + cap sheet. Besides during the installation torch becomes less flexible at some places, cause it is installed using high temperatures.And it can actually save lots of money cause you don’t have to purchase torch insurance.

Does anyone have an experience with these materials? Can self-adhered material replace smooth ruberoid both for residential and commercial roofs guarantee wise?


With the CertainTeed flintastic they do offer commercial warranties. In addition you can install a “mid sheet” and have a 3 ply system. This is the only we do it. I do not know if GAF/ELK offer these features, check with your supplier.

i dont under stand the statement base & a cap. how is it double protection? i know gaf requires a base sheet for torchdown or app mod bit as well. or are you just applying it to an old failed substrate?

Double protection, for example after self-adhered base installation you can leave flat roof without any tarps. Try to do that after installion of the base for torch and left roof unprotected for a rainy night.
Like 7 years ago I worked for a company, we were installing self-adhered base just one layer. At that time I didn’t even know that there can be a second layer of granulated cap sheet, cause they only used self-adhered base.

i always roofed by the rule that you completed what you tore off. tarps are for covering materials.

i think that the two base sheet warranty implys…
one base is nailable, and then SA 2nd base and finish ply. ABC told me…that would extend warranty from 10-20 years…Flintastic

I would at least put down the SA base 2nd ply
before going home.

Black Square…Yes…Talk to your sales rep…The only issue is temperature. I have also found that you have to check the mat. before you tear off…I had a small roof (front porch) that ran into the main. I got mat. from Abc. The base was fine, and the cap sheet would no stick at all…I left it lay rolled out in the sun for 2 hrs,50 degrees out, and it still had nothing…Abc. offered nothing to fix the problem…That was the last roof I got from them!
That was the only problem I have had with peel and stick…