GAF Stormguard or Grace Ice and Water?

Are they going to offer the same performance?

Do they have any major differences?

Do they both seal around nails?

Thank you

They will both seal around nail holes.

Grace Ice & Water Shield is around $108.00 / roll and is 2.25 squares per roll with an effective covereage of around 2.0 squares per roll.

GAF Stormguard is around $56.00 / roll and is 2.0 squares per rollf with and effective covereage are of 1.75 squares per roll.

Personally, I don’t like GAF Stormguard much. It is exrtrmely soft and has a low-softening point which may be too low for the Houston area. The facer layer tends to shed like burnt skin when it is too hot. I DO use it with complete GAF systems and just make due.

Grace I&W Shield is a great product but pricey when compared to others. It is very sticky and seals well to decking when it is cool (I didn’t say cold). The issue I have with GI&WS is it has a 30 day life in the sun. UV rays eat it alive. Not an issue for a re-roof but a big issue for a new clay, concrete or slate roof where we have to wait on the masonry contrator for several months.

It looks like there are differences from an installation point of view.

From the stand point of the homeowner and the final product is there a difference?
Say performance?

if your looking for the best grace is it and it will never come off no matter what you do. basically 1 shot on putting it on.

Certainteed Winerguard is better than GAF’s product but Grace is better yet.

Grace is the best - period , no contest . Pain to install but its the best .

I got to agree with the others, Grace is the best on the market bar none.

In fact I truly believe that it is the only Ice & water Shield that does actually work when you really need it to.

If you truly need Ice & Water Shield you should fix the reason that causes the need.
The nails are the weakest link in this scenario, because they tend to corrode and no longer plug the hole in the I&W shield.