GAF TopCoat versus Gaco S2000

My small flat roof (South Florida) was re-roofed 3 years ago with GAF cap sheet. There is evidence of ponding, but the question I don’t know how to answer is how long the ponding remains.

It is time to do some maintenance on the roof and it has been suggested to coat it to extend its life. I am fine with doing that but have a choice to make and not sure of the pluses and minuses between the two.

#1 Original roofer (5 years left on warranty)
Prep and coat with two coats of GAF TopCoat. Not sure which type, but definitely reflective.

#2 Other roofers
Recommended the Gaco S2000 system. One roofer is willing to provide a 5 year warranty for the job as long as I pay a nominal fee for an annual inspection.

What are the pluses and minuses for GAF TopCoat versus Gaco S2000? Any advice is welcome.

I think re-roofing is out of the question as long as I have a roofer warranty for leaks. The roof prior to this had gravel and no roofers who quoted me on re-roofing three years ago mentioned anything about additional work to fix ponding.

Thank you.

If your GACO guy has gone through the training and he puts on two coats, you can reasonably expect to get 50 years out of the roof. Just remember that any coating is only as good as the surface that it is on. Even a high-end elastomeric membrane like GACO can still fail if what it goes on flexes or buckles. The key is to make sure that your roofer uses a good natural cleaner to get any debris, dust, dirt, grime or any other material that could reduce GACO’s ability to stick.

Oh, and go with a light color if you can.