This question was posed about a year ago, and the overwhelming response was GAF/ELK over IKO. I need a new roof due to hail and wind damage. I live in an area with extreme weather–very cold, snowy winters and hot, muggy, rainy and windy summers–yes, I’m wondering why I moved here. Anyway, I need a new roof. One contractor I’ve met with recommend the GAF/ELF Timberline Prestique (the contractor is Weather Stopper Certified by GAF/ELK). The other is pushing IKO 30 year. IN the older posts, most responders didn’t like the IKO product. Has the sentiment changed? The IKO proponent says it’s a better product because it’s heavier. Thanks.

It has been my experience Gaf/Elk stands behind products,and IKO does not.
I know of a church, 400+ sq. old Gaf Timberline 40 yr shingles cracked, Gaf/Elk sent 400+ sq.Timberline Prestique 50yr.,felt,I&W,and dumpster + paid for replacement…
I believed in them before that,because of quality of shingles,(New Timberlines are comparable to old Elks)and That experience solidified my faith in the company…
I also have to say that any shingle is only as good as the installer…Nailed on the line I have never had an IKO 30 yr. failure…Only did a few though, but all my roofs have seen 80+mph winds…and harsh winter conditions,and soaking rains…with no call backs or blow offs.

Dklaiman - Where are you located? I ask that because I feel like I have this conversation with a lot of homeowners due to my biggest local competitor being a guy who pushes iko because its the cheapest and steals a lot of work with his illegal workforce.(Just did my neighbor 3 houses down. Asked the guy why. Homeowner said he was nearly 3 grand cheaper. I bid 8300. 28 sq 7/12 and 10/12 two story 65 ft valley. I told him dont call me when it leaks. :evil: sorry off subject) Anyways, most homeowners do not know about IKO. The feelings about them have not changed. If you look further back you will see that Ed The Roofer posted about them being involved in yet another lawsuit.

I explain to them that the price is more for GAF for a reason. You get what you pay for. Also the warranty we can offer far surpasses the sweetness of a cheap price. I know to many homeowners a shingle is a shingle and they all get put on the same. That is not true. You must remember that the layer of shingles and the way they were installed is the only thing protecting your home and valuables.

Anyways, I would recommend ANY shingle over IKO.

Good Luck.

I live in MN. It seems like a lot of roofers here use Latino sub-contractors. I have no idea if they’re legally here or not. I am more concerned that one of the contractors is pushing what is viewed by many to be an inferior product.

Well I suggest using GAF since we live in basically the same climate. Also the warranty he offers is transferrable upon selling the house. Could be a nice little selling point in the future. I have yet to see an IKO shingle stand the test of time in this climate.

Who installs your roof is far more important than the materials used.