Galvalume dormers

Have to price a house with grand manor and galvalume standing seam on the dormers. Grand manor I am good but never worked with galvalume before. Not sure what it costs-anyone have some input for me on how to price this?

Just saw again there is a bay with a copper roof on it also. any input on copper also?

Boy I really have to get some experience with metal.

i havent worked w/ galvalume since 1992 but it was cheaper then, than what the kynar finish panels costed.

Is this new construction? Are they barrel dormers?

One of my suppliers charges more for galvalume, the other charges less. Most painted steel has galvalume for a base.

I priced a new construction last year with two barrel dormers. They wanted a price for steel vs copper. ABC owns another entity in our area that installs steel. My salesman was able to get me a price on materials alone and materials and labor.

They ended up going with shingles which I said I would not recommend or warranty.

After it was done he said he wished he’d gone with the metal :roll:

They are shed dormers, not barrel thank god. I would probably not price it with barrel due to my lack of metal experience. Probably 4 square worth.

yeah im starting to see this in new con also.
somebody came with an idea and it seams to be sticking.

gulfcoast supply 888-393-0335.
they can help with galvalume questions.


Galvalume metal:developed by bethlehem steel approximately 25 years ago . 55% aluminum and 45% zinc by volume, but twice the servise lifi of galvanized . I thing more exp. Galvanized made by soating sheet steel with a layer of zinc alloy, i use all the time. good for soldering work.

good stuff Blacksquare.


Berridge Manufacturing for sure has it and I think Peterson Aluminum Corporation does also, but I went with Berridge.

Since you only have 4 square to do, have them run the panels for you, but if you ever run into larger jobs, just buy the coil stock for 1/2 the price and rent their roll former for less than a day and run the panels off yourself. They will set it up and show you how to do it.

I installed a lot of those panels on Lone Star Steak House Restaurants by making my own panels.

Don’t forget to order the clips, flat or low profile pan head screws and also the gasketed seam covers and flat stock for any drip edge flashings you have to custom bend.



What part of Va. are you in? Tinner(Frank) is in Richmond. He would be the man to contact. I would buy him lunch and pay him just to let me come and help on one of his jobs. He does really great metal work. He might be able to help with the pricing in that area.


just remember , if you work with
tinner.he not only works naked…
he dines naked…:))

Yes if you want to be professional than you should have the knowledge of everything.

If they were barrel vaulted, you would have to get someone to roll-form the panels for you.

My advice to you is to sub-contract the metal work out to someone who knows what they are doing. After all you say the panels are Galvalume, but are you sure they aren’t G-90 Galvanized? Do you plan on going back with Galvalume, Kynar finished steel, galvanized or paint-grip? Are you going to fix the ridge and float the eave or vice-versa? Cleated or clipped? Batten locked seam, or a hemmed-standing seam. Do you have to do any soldering?

Anyway, I’d “farm it out” to someone else if you don’t know what you are doing. Maybe watch them work, and learn a little bit about metal.

still rust eventually, look @ the rusty galvalume plates when you rip an old rubber roof.

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