Gambrel roof, ice dams

I have a gambrel roof and need to fix an ice damming problem. I’m redoing my roof next week and want to help my ventilation while I’m at it. I live in NY where we get snow and a good amount of it. I have ridge vents and plan to install new when I do the roof, I will also be using gracie ice and water. Back of the house is identical minus the porch dormer.

In the past I have shoveled off the roof everytime it snows and, well…fuck that!

Opinions on smart vents???
Do they work?
One worry I have with the smart vent is: if I still have ice damming the water backing up into the slit I put in the roof…
Should I not cut a vent slot in the roof above each dormer, will that make a difference?

Any assistance is appreciated.


Put a cold roof on the upper. Tear off roof to the deck, dry in with underlayment. No ice and water needed. Lay 1X2 furring on the rafters over the deck, and deck with plywood. Underlay as typical. Offset drip edge 1/2" on the low side to provide airflow, and ridge vent at the peak. I’ve done quite a few in northern Indiana and everyone was pleased.