Gap between gutter and roof valley: pictures inside

We recently bought a new (to us) home. The good news is that we got a brand new roof before we moved in due to hail damage. Generally the roof is fine. However, yesterday, we got a really heavy rain and I took a walk around the house to just check how the gutters and downspouts handle rain, as well as how well everything around the house drains. Then I noticed what you see in the picture. On the back of the home, there are two roof lines that meet at a valley, and one roof line is a foot or so higher than the other. The gutter along the higher roof line is cut at the same pitch as the roof that it adjoins, but you can see there’s an inch or so gap between the actual gutter and shingles. This results in a ton of water (as you can see) running both out of the end of the gutter, as well as down the roof valley. The lower gutter cannot handle all this water and a bunch of it runs off the roof. Obviously not ideal.

What is the easiest way to remedy this? I know the best thing would likely be to have someone come out and install a new gutter along that roof line, and ensure that the gutter is flush to the shingles. For a short term fix, I considered buying a section of gutter, cutting it to the correct angle, and basically patching it in the end of the existing gutter. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


#1, a new gutter won’t catch all the water in the valley, nor do you want the gutter to do that.
#2, Without putting a larger gutter on the lower roof where all the water comes down you probably will have that happen again.
#3, I think I see debris in the corner and over the gutter so cleaning the valley and gutter could take care of the problem

Ok, I’ve decided to just get a contractor out Monday to have a look at this. What’s the correct way this should be done?

  1. Should the upper gutter be mitered into the slope of the shingles it abuts?

  2. Is there really a need for a larger gutter on bottom?

  3. Should there be a downspout that connects the top gutter to the bottom?

The picture is not clear.
Because i dont know for sure if the upper gutter has a cap on the end?
Or is the upper gutter draining out into the lower roof?
There is always going to be a big flow at a valley.
A gutter cant stop that.

Keep your gutters clear and install a splash guard on the lower gutter under that flow.
The gutter guy will do it.

If the upper gutter IS draining onto the roof,
Stop it!
Cap it off and have it down-spouted to the bottom gutter.(with the splash guard)

There is no cap on the upper gutter, which I think is the main problem. There was tons of water running out the end of the gutter.

Yes, must cap it off and elbow it into below
And spash guard.
Gutter man should be reasonable.
Like 300 or so.
Id send a pic.
He might be able to have everything with him when he comes the first time.